What do you think are the top 5 most competitive niches out there?

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What do you think are the top 5 most competitive niches out there right now in your opinion? Just curious to wonder what people think.
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    My thought for #1: Internet marketing.

    Because it's a popular topic for the lifestyle an aging, but too poor to retire, population desires, and because the experts on how to compete in a niche, any niche, are working right in it.
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    Great list Sparrow.

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    I'll guess:
    prescription drugs
    real estate
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    Internet Marketing
    Real Estate

    You've got to real good to make a dent in those.
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    Cool thanks guys!
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      The fact that the niches mentioned are the most competitive also means that they have the highest demand, therefore they are the most profitable.

      Think "abundance" guys, there's enough to go around for everyone.
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    to get the competition for the list I posted just go into Google add your search term and to the right of the search listing you will see how many websites are listed in Googles index

    this is how I find out what my competition is

    then from there I use the free wordtracker tool to digg out hidden niches

    I put together a tool that semiautomates this process all you have todo is add the captcha and the tool diggs till there is nothing available from wordtracker

    one of my clients is in a very competitive niche for the root word and we found a long tail keyword phrase that got 2 times the amount of searches with very little competition, guess what he did

    but don't be afraid to jump into very competitive niches this is where the money is, then next look for low hanging fruit where you can carve a piece of the action for yourself

    so Google the search terms to the right is the competitive listing counts

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    Here's the real question:

    In anyone of those niches, could you build a list of at least 10,000 in under a year if you applied yourself.
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      I think the competitive one will be quite obvious, like credit cards, porn, gambling, make money online, internet marketing, lose weight, golf.

      But that means that there is a huge demand for them. =)

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    Definately porn and making money online along with travel and weightloss
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    I'd say:
    Real estate
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    porn whats that?

    I reckon marketing, its everywhere!
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    The most competitive niches are meaningless unless you already have a big list in that market.

    What you need to look at is long-tail keywords.

    Look for keywords that have at least 1500 searches P/M with less than 1,000,000 competeing.

    Mentors On Call
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    Aren't all of those markets listed in this thread mainstream markets and not niche markets?

    I thought a niche market addresses what the maintream market overlooked by differentiating themselves through careful segmentation of the maintream market to address the specialized needs of the customers within it.
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      Cool, I've gotten response from both parties. I guess the main advice is that the "top 5" competition niches like "internet marketing" and "porn" is very competitive so newer beginners shouldn't enter it... while there's also a better opportunity going into a niche that there is barely any competition in?
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    1. Sex
    2. Health
    3. Fitness
    4. Money
    5. Law of Attraction (the next big thing)
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    Wow, Ed. Some of the ones I thought would be the most searched for are actually beat by many that I thought would be below them.
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    A good way to guage the competition is to look at ppc cost and top paying keywords with adsense.

    Obviously the more they are paying the more competitive the niche is.
    but then again, you have to look at the profit the people get from your business when paying for clicks.

    Adsense Payout per click

    $69.1 mesothelioma treatment options
    $65.85 personal injury lawyer michigan
    $62.59 student loans consolidation
    $59.44 online car insurance quotes
    $59.39 arizona dui lawyer

    So it does depend how you look at the competition.

    Ed's list is one way to look at it but thats just a list of how many websites mention software etc etc.

    Alot of niches would have more competition for the top spots in google serps than software.

    I dont even think IM would make it in the top 5 for competition.

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