*50 Essential Things To Do On A Product Launch*

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I think it would be very beneficial for people to list the steps
YOU take when you are in the product launch or pre-launch mode.

This is barely discussed on the forum and not everyone can afford
to spend thousands of $$ on PLF2.0 or Mass Control

1) Create a JV Partner Content - giveaway $$$/Prizes
2) Offer Generous Commissions
3) Post on forums about your launch/Affiliate program
5) Outsource/write articles and submit to article directories with your squeeze page URL
6) You can go to reviewme.com and pay bloggers to blog about your launch
7) Create Content Rich Videos and other material to get people talking about your launch
8) ???????????

Try to list as many as we can:
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    I am a member but haven't utilized it yet. It comes recommended to me though!


    Brad Spencer
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    Hire a Sales Writer

    Hire a Designer

    Hire a writer for your eBook


    What else ?
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    Are there really 50 essential things? Not 50 good things to do, but essential?

    Give people a list that big of "essential" things and they will do nothing.

    The only essential things are:
    1. Make sure the product is ready.
    2. Make sure the order process works.
    3. Let the world know about it.

    Notice I didn't mention JVs or affiliates, since they aren't essential. Very good to have, but not essential.

    Some people focus so much on JVs/affiliates that they forget things like getting the site working or even getting the sales letter done. What good is lining up partners if your site can't process a sale?
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    Set a date
    Contact potential JV partners as far in advance as possible
    Have someone dedicated to managing the launch
    Notify your payment processor that you will have a spike in sales
    Generate keyword lists, Adwords Ads, email copy for JVs


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