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Anybody knowledgeable in SEO?

A local company has multiple domains all pointing to the same website. They are a roofing company and their domains are like, etc etc.

Doesn't Google consider these duplicate sites and and dilute the page rank or penalize the site in some way?

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    There isn't a "penalty" as such for dup content. The new dup content is simply ignored by Google so there is no realistic SEO traffic or advantage.

    If all of the extra domains are "301 permanent redirected" there should be no issues at all. The only possible advantage I could see for the company to do this is as a defensive move or hoping for type in traffic.

    They could do MUCH better by adding some unique content to each site and linking to the master site with discretion and good anchor text.


    Multiple Domains Pointing To The Same Website - Any Penalties? - SEO Chat
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      This is actually a very wise move for them to do that.

      When I first got started on line about 11 years ago this is one of the tactics I used to build a multimillion dollar empire by locking out all my competitors from purchasing all the keyword domain names.

      Does it work? Yes it worked for me, but that was also early on when nobody knew too much about Internet marketing.

      There's still a lot of niches where you can buy domain names for key words.

      I used to buy them just for real estate.

      The strategy still does work just like back then, the only issue is if you can find the keyword domain names available that you want.

      Frank Bruno

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