Are Stumbleupon Ads Effective?

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Hey Warriors,

I'm getting ready to test some stumbleads...I think they are going to be useful and if not, there's not much cost involved (5 cents an impression)...Has anyone tried and used these effectively?

What tips would you be willing to share?


Brad Spencer
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    I'd be careful about that. Maybe do a search to see what others say about it? How does it work? Do you pay a deposit?
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    I did a small ad test on Stumbleupon and and it was a waste of time..

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    Most people seem to say the same thing, not much luck with them.

    Is it cost per impression? Not good from the start.
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      Cost per impression is way to high...

      ven if you are getting a CTR of 1% (Very unikely)... you are spending 5 dollars per click... Can you afford that? Go for PPC instead.

      I recommend you join the war room and get some golden nuggets on PPC which are present there... and then start PPC advetising. that has always been the best bet for me.
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    Well I also heard about it but never got the right review but seems to me that now I got the exact words which I was looking for So I am going to drop this plan as well ...

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