Do you take full advantage of Amazon Web Services?

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Unless you have been living in a cave chances are you have heard of Amazon web services.

For those that do live in caves, (my apologies)

Amazon web services offers some amazing opportunities, I have been studying the services offered by Amazon for some time now and I can tell you that few have actually tumbled to the fact that there is a real opportunity that many have just overlooked.

I have a little tip that I have been keeping to myself about Amazon S3.

As many of you may know, when you create a bucket using the S3 service, it has to be unique, in other words, just like a domain name has to be unique.

There can only be one, bucket with that name.

Now that is real-estate, when you create a bucket, (domain) that belongs to you.

Eventually, something amazing will happen with regard to these unique buckets.

Think using a sub domain, pointing to your S3 bucket/domain.

Do you see the opportunity?

You can have up to 100 buckets or domains, I have buckets with all kinds of names, all unique single words, there is a little more to it but the general idea is that you can use a bucket name as a keyword.

Why share this? I could have created a special report or created a WSO, but I like to share knowledge and friendships, so here's to the new warrior forum.

So if you don't use AmazonS3 perhaps you should think about getting started before all the good bucket names are gone.
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    Hey Tim,
    we must be on the same wave length... I JUST posted an amazon question right before you posted this topic!

    THanks for the info!

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      Originally Posted by SethDaley View Post

      Hey Tim,
      we must be on the same wave length... I JUST posted an amazon question right before you posted this topic!

      THanks for the info!

      Cool, there are a lot of interesting things you can do, I built an opt in system, using, SDB, (Simple Database) and PHP 5.25 for multiple users.

      So each users can just upload their files, and use S3 to serve the Opt in form, and store the data, name, email, ect, into SDB,

      It is still a little slow, but they just did an update for SDB so perhaps there are even more possibilities now.

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