The Final Nail in the ASD Coffin

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I just found this interesting link to new charges against the owners.
Say good-bye - and as we predicted it looks like the big players (agents) will be ponying up too.
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    Thanks Tim.

    Not all done reading it yet, but so far my favorite charge is letter (d.) on page 4. I think it;s taking longer to read, because after virtually every sentence I hear a chorus of veteran Warriors shouting, "I told you so!"

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    This isn't the final nail, it's just the beginning of the end.

    More states are going to line up their lawsuits, and the feds are just getting warmed up.

    It's going to be years before it's all over. Heck, they are still prosecuting people who were part of 'The Tax People' scam and that was broken up years ago.

    I wish the ASD cheerleaders would just admit they got conned and come back here. Realize they just got a great lesson in what not to do, and that makes them quite valuable IMHO, if for no other reason than to simply warn others about this crap.

    Come on back guys, we won't bite your head off, honest.
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      Obviously this is all part of the business plan, and they'll be back stronger than ever... they probably just wanted to watch the Olympics.

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