What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Free Sites?

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Anyone happen to know what some of the disadvantages are to using free websites (for your blog) such as those provided by Wordpress and Blogger?
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    The BIGGEST disadvantage is that never consider that you are the owner of the site because they may delete your account anytime.

    I would recommend to spend some $$$ and get your own domain name and hosting.
    If you need something for personal use then free sites rocks.

    Hope that helps
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      Hi James,

      Yes, that's exactly right - if you use a free site expect it to disappear from the search engines with no warning at all. May even find that it's not there one day when you try and login in.

      The paid versions are much better, and if you use wordpress you can get a serious legup with SEO because of all the plugins, which you can't use on the free version.

      Hope that helps

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    It doesn't seem to be as much a problem with free blogs, but free websites often have issues with SEO. Geocities, I know for sure, gets all the backlink credit gained from every free site they host. The site itself doesn't get credit for the backlinks, Geocities.com does. Some of the other "free sites" out there might have the same issue.
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    1. It's never yours to own
    2. You don't have complete control
    3. It can have a detrimental effect on your image
    4. You have limited ability to alter the design, layout
    5. You are building links to someone else's domain
    6. The blog host is getting your traffic
    7. It isn't always easy to add optin boxes, popups, etc to your blog

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    Worst thing is they will banned you even without telling you the reason. Your whole labour, link building. PR and your article all will be gone.

    I have burnt my hand earlier and lost almost 6 blogs at a time. Boy that was really painful and they even not bother to tell me what was my fault.
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    For all of the above reasons

    I had perfectly good blogs deleted and could not get anyone to respond so I understood what went wrong

    use them as a short term goal but not for long range work

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    wow.. free site bashing thread

    The question is, are they good for what you use them for?

    If you rely on them 100% for your income, then your in for a world of misery

    Though If you use them to provide you quality relevant backlinks then they are absolute gold.. They cost you nothing and sit there for years gaining power in the Serps.. You can go back to them at any time and add more content, articles, links, whatever..

    So the answer is, depends on what you want them for..

    Tip, put your money sites on domains you own.. send some link love to these sites from networks of free sites you setup for this purpose..

    check my sig for more info

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      It is worth it to have 100% complete control and ownership over your own blogs. Sure, you can use the free ones for some quick cash, but if you are building a long term business, you need your own.
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      Originally Posted by peteinoz View Post

      wow.. free site bashing thread

      I guess that's what happens when people answer the original
      question.. what are the disadvantages?


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