My 3 Top Methods For Getting FREE Buyer Traffic In 2016. What's Yours?

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Hi fellow warriors.

We all know that buyer traffic is worth at least 100 times more than freebie traffic because it is more likely that if someone has purchased something in your niche in the past, the will be more likely to purchase similar products at a later date.

The problem is that most people don't know how to get buyer traffic.

That's why I wanted to share my top methods for getting free buyer traffic in the year 2016.

Method #1 - Get Free Buyer Traffic From Twitter

This method involves following people from twitter accounts that offer paid services.

For example: If someone is following aweber's twitter account, then most likely they are paying customers for aweber's autoresponder service.

If you are in the email marketing or even internet marketing niche, then these prospects present a way to get buyers to follow you own twitter.

You would simply follow aweber's followers and a percentage will follow you back.

Method #2 - Get Free Buyer Traffic From Facebook

This method works whenever you buy a product that has a facebook group associated with it.

Quite a few vendors in the IM niche create facebook groups for the product or service you buy from them.

Each person who purchases their product is invited to join their private facebook group.

These members are proven buyers because they have to purchase the product in order to join the group.

Now...Most of these groups will not you promote yourself or your products...So i would not advise you try it.

But what you can do to extract buyer traffic from this groups is to simply send every member a friend request.

Some of these people will accept your request and you will then be facebook friends with a proven buyer.

After they have accepted your friend request, you can also send them a request to like your fanpage or start a build a report with them through direct messages.

Also a number of them will then see your posts on their timeline each time you create a new one.

Method #3 - Use Warrior Plus To Get Free Buyer Traffic

Create a product, an affiliate program for that product and launch it on warrior plus.

There is no out of pocket fee to launch a product on warrior plus and they will even recruit affiliates for you (for a percentage of the profits).

Note: Warriorplus also allows you to collect your customers email address on auto-pilot whenever they purchase your product.

There you have it. My 3 top ways to get free buyer traffic in 2016. I say 2016 because things change all of the time and what works now may not work a year from now.

Do you have any methods of getting free buyer traffic? Please feel free to share them on this thread.
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