FaceBook Question – Adding Friends Too Fast???

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I went to add a friend this morning and got this message:

Warning: FaceBook determined that you have been adding friends too fast! Abusing the system can result in disabling your account temporarily or removing it permanently.

Has this ever happen to you?

What is too fast? I don't use any software, I add them manually... I have a REAL profile. Isn't it what FB is about - networking?

Has anyone ever been kicked out of FaceBook for adding too many friends?
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    I've had this as well. If you add too many friends too quickly facebook gives you the pink box warning. Slow down for a while and you should be okay. I know people who have their accounts suspended for anything up to a week and in the odd case deleted. When it happened to me I emailed facebook asked their definitions of too many friends and too quickly but they won't give out the information.

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    Most social networking sites set a limit on the number of friends that you can add within a certain amount of time. This is to do with the spamming policy.

    In this case it looks like you may have exceeded this and so your account has been flagged as having done so.

    I had a quick look at the TOS on facebook and it doesn't state a figure for the number of friends that you may add within a certain amount of time but it may be on there somewhere.

    It's probably best if you don't add friends for a short while and then only add them in moderation to avoid conflicting with this policy. I understand that this may be hard if you're using this account as a platfrom for your IM work but it's best to try and find a happy medium between adding friends and complying with facebook's policies.

    Hope this helps,
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    Maybe its just me, but I hide all internet marketers on my facebook. I love my facebook and its where I take one of my breaks at during the day to catch up with all my real friends and get away from this. Funny thing is happening, I am getting real friends online as well. But we don't do business there. I am probably missing an opportunity, but oh well.
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    from what i've read people have added up to 25/day and have been ok...but yes no one really knows the exact number
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    I have added about 30 per day for a couple of days and that was fine. I guess FB is looking at a weekly or monthly stats.
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