Free or paid traffic? (no fighting!)

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Hey warriors!

Let's shed some light on the great debate.

Which is better FREE or PAID traffic?
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    Yee haw first vote.

    (I went with free of course...)

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    I prefer FREE due to the fact that 'anyone' has the chance to benefit from it.

    People new to the industry can be very skeptical... so it is a great way to see if they have what it takes. A lot of people don't want to spend money on something they don't know much about.

    It also helps to get their hands into the nitty gritty stuff to see how things work.


    P.S. Paid traffic through PPC etc. is still a great option but many people won't want to compete in areas with high CPC charges. So free traffic gives them the opportunity to enter a market without high expenses.

    But it can be a catch22... as many people want the short/sharp n fast solution. So I'm sure many consumers go for PPC etc just for that aspect.
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      What angle are you coming from, strictly PPC to SEO, cause then obviously SEO. Articles compared to banner advertising, articles then. Link building to link exchanges, link building. if your talking about Co-Reg, Mailing lists, to Opt-In's I will disagree with the Free method.

      So, I would say Paid, at least for me, but for starters/noobs free..

      Ah I dunno

      Can we add a undecided vote
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    if your broke FREE, but if your rich PAID every time.
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      This is an easy answer. FREE traffic! Why would I want to pay for traffic?

      Even though I make a lot with various paid traffic methods, there is nothing better than knowing that I'm making a lot of money from my free traffic methods.

      It might be a little more effort, but it's definitely worth it.

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