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Well, here i go asking you guys for advice (again)
I am pretty good at designing a website and writing a nice sales letter and also somewhat good at promoting affiliate products.

My biggest problem is that i can't test how well my reviews/sales letter convert because i can't seem to get more than 5-6 uv per day even if i do have articles on first page on google and some bookmarks from digg and the like.
Another thing is that i can spend and i am spending almost 12-14 hours per day at my computer, writing articles, creating lens and hubpages etc... but like i said i get rubbish traffic, even tho i have most of my articles,lens,hubpages indexed and pretty well ranked for my keywords.
I did made some sales with those small amounts of visitors but its like 1-4 sales per week, witch is not even close to my goal.

Now... what should i too to make those 14 hours so that it really gives me some results? or what i am doing wrong? should i buy an article writing guide? i'm thinking that maybe my articles are wrong, tho i am putting good keywords and i am trying to write them so they "flow easily"

Thank you !
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    Are you building up content on your own site? You want to get your site/blog to rank better than your marketing articles. This will bring the traffic directly to you.

    P.S. I just noticed you have a WSO up about how to get traffic to your website, do your methods not work well?
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    if your ranking for your kw's, then I'd think you might need to do some better kw research and go after some with better traffic..
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      i don't have money to put in that method now, because i sustained that method from my sales...but now since i don't get many sales i cant sustain that method anymore until i can find some money, cus it's like a PPC type of advertising
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    Okay, you asked for advice, now let me give you my take . . . :-)

    Here's what worked for me. Forget keywords. Look for markets. Find a good market that spends money. Create something that they want.

    Then write articles that address what they want. Again, forgetting about keywords. Post the articles on Ezinearticles, your website/blog, etc.

    That works. Content that solves peoples problems and directs them to a product that they want works.

    Keywords in my experience aren't so helpful. Kind of a waste of time

    Find a market. Solve their problem.

    It works for me . . .

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      another thing is that my articles don't get that many views...for one of my affiliate products... i have 40.000-50.000 searches per month, and i do have an article on the first page, but the thing is that the original owner of the product happend to get some "expert" writers and they used the same keywords that i do..and i use all the best keywords regarding the all the traffic ends up at his article(s), he gets like 400-500 views per day, i get 5-10 for each article... this is just one example of many

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