Yahoo or Google ads - What is the difference?

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Hi warriors,

I'm going to place ads on my new website. Are there any big differneces between Google ads and Yahoo. Are there other things to keep in mind.

I'd love to hear your point of view.

Thank you
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    My experience has been that I get lower average clickthroughs with Yahoo, but higher earnings per click, though it's been some time since I've used Yahoo contextual ads. I still use Yahoo's PPC, and I get the same results from the other side of the coin.

    Overall, Google has a very solid ad inventory, so it stands to reason that they have the ability (and obviously the technology) to better match ads to readers.

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      Joel Comm tested them out on one of his sites making about $2k per month in adsense revenue... or somehwere around that figure... and his revenue dropped by 50%.

      Will you have the same results? Who knows. All I can say is test it out.

      I applied to be a publisher with them a while back and never even got a response back. So I will never use Yahoo... based on that lousy response.

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