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hi everyone,

i am currently working for a company that is about to start targeting Finnish market with a new product (online exhibitions) and the first exhibition is on Travel. so, the question popped up if it's possible to acquire 100000 unique visitors in 2 weeks using Google AdWords with respect to content networks (for PPC campaign is too expensive). Now, the question is, is this a good choice of campaign? is it realistic to receive this kind of response from the market? what kind of funds should we expect to allocate for this kind of task at hand?

any word of advice is welcome, thanks a million!
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    The response you get depends on your keywords and on how many searches are done for these keywords in 2 weeks. To get 100 000 clicks you need a huge list of high traffic keywords.

    Now keep in mind that it is not profitable to bid for keywords that are not close to your offer.

    The most important thing to go for is not a huge number of visitors. You can easily have 100 000 visitors from various sources and make no money at all, while at the same time 1000 targeted visitors fill your pockets with cash.

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      well, 1000 visitors is kinda bad statistics in our case, even if all of them convert. ideal situation would be something close to 100000 local finnish visitors
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    Start with keyword research both for "exhibitions" and those related to the specific Travel one.
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    A campaign of that volume can be easily outsourced far cheaper than by using Adwords, with much better results. Here are a few ideas, but first take a look at how much you are willing to invest for this purpose (If you were thinking of using Adwords for that volume, I assume you have a decent budget).

    1. Contact marketers or companies that have huge lists (within that niche of course) and make a monetary offer. I would suggest paying 50% AFTER seeing the results.

    2. Hire a team of ghostwriters or article marketers to go on an article and press release writing spree, but please make sure they are all well aware of the SEO involved (It's not just about good writing).

    3. Hire a team of video marketers and do the same as in option 2 but with video.

    Those are the 3 options that can come to mind right now, I'm pretty sure there are Warriors that can recommend people/companies that offer such legit services.

    Since we are talking of 100,000 visitors your teams should be of approximately 10-20 people so that they can put up with the workload in such a small timespan.

    I have a friend who is in charge of the marketing for a medium size publicity agency and they have used the 3 methods above effectively.
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    Just out of curiosity, what is your budget for this project?

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