To The Question "How Can I Make Money Online?" Here's My Answer!

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Every day I come into this forum and read the threads from people who want to make money online. As I read through their post, I have noticed something very telling.

They often ask general questions like..." How can I make money online?"

The question is so general, that it's hard for people to reply with an answer that can help you.

So I decided to create a simple checklist that will help you use this forum properly (if you are serious about making money online).

Note: I created this checklist so that people will stop asking the same general questions and over again. I know some people are too lazy to follow this checklist, but maybe (just maybe) enough people will follow it so that we can stop seeing the same old general questions over and over again.

Note: I am using "Make Money Online" as an example in my checklist below. This would apply to all general questions that are repeated daily on this forum daily.

Step 1 - Do a search on this forum for "How To Make Money Online". You search will yield thousands of answers.

Step 2 - Dedicate some time to read through as many posts as possible until you find something that you think you would like to try.

Step 3 - Do another search in this forum about the money making method that you have chosen in step 1. For example: If you chose to become and affiliate marketer, then you would do another search on "Affiliate Marketing"

Step 4 - Read through the threads about the money making method you searched for in step 3. This will thousands of results in that subject.

In my example for "Affiliate marketing" you will read through hundreds or even thousands of threads about affiliate marketing which will generate new questions that you would need answered.

For example: If you chose affiliate marketing, you would soon learn that you would need to learn about the following subjects to become a successful affiliate marketing..
  1. What affiliate network to join.
  2. What niche to focus on.
  3. How to choose high converting products to sell.
  4. How to promote the affiliate products
  5. Etc...

Step 5 - As you can see...Doing this research will yield more and more questions that you will need answered. You will need to repeat searches for every new question that you need answers for. These answer will yield even more questions. You will then make more searches until you get answers to those questions. And this will repeat itself until you have no more questions about making money online. (Theoretically of

Step 6 - Then and only then, if you have a question that you could not find an answer to, you should ask the question in the appropriate forum in the Warrior Forum. Note: You need specific with your questions to get real help.

So..that's the answer to your general question "How Can I Make Money Online"

Do your own research!!!!!
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