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One of the advantages of working for yourself is that you can be much more flexible about when and how you go on holiday / vacation. However, business has to go on 365 days per year and we have all seen the ads of the sun-tanned IMers using their laptops on the beach launching their next product.

However, when I go away I do not even take my laptop with me - the whole point of going away is to have a good break (I do take a notebook to note down new ideas though). I went away for 10 days a couple of weeks ago and business went on without me.

Just interested to know what fellow Warriors do.
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    I've gone away for up to three months at a time. (I called it a sabbatical.)

    I do take my laptop and a wi-fi enabled smartphone with me, but when away from home, I do at most an hour of work a day.

    During those times, I use a virtual assistant to fulfill orders for me, check phone messages and to handle any thorny customer service issues. I could use her to pretty much run the business if I gave her more training, but I don't like giving up that much control.

    Nevertheless, I'm planning an extended trip to a remote part of Asia next year or so and will definitely be training someone to run everything in my absence. As long as I call in or email in once a week, I figure the business will survive.

    It's possible to plan ahead so autoresponders, ezines, blogs, etc. make it seem as if you are still at home running everything.

    Marcia Yudkin
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    It seems to me that I get my best ideas when my mind is clear and I'm vacationing...away from home. That being said, I have y computer handy to take quick action when I need to.

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