Google Video Turned My YouTube Into a Hot Mess

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Hey Warriors!

I just signed up for and began using HeySpread (Hey!Spread - Video Distributing Web Service) and I love what it does for me - I bought 20 credits for $1 just to test it out and I chose FaceBook, Revver, and Google video to post an existing YouTube video to.

FaceBook turned out fantastic. Can't see Revver yet cuz it's taking an eon to process. But my Google video - yikes! It stretched and expanded so large it looks like a big ol hot mess.

What did I do wrong?

Here's the original YouTube video URL it took it from:
And here's the Google version: (shield your eyes, it's ugly!)

Before I spend anymore credits uploading all of my YouTube videos to other sites, I want to make sure I'm using HeySpread right.

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    Well shoot! I didn't know it would embed it into the forum. Ugh. Okay, it looks normal HERE but when I watch it on Google, it doesn't.
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      I've never used heyspread, but Google uses a widescreen player ON their site, so you might need to create videos formatted to their size to make it look right. I've never seen videos stretch though. They usually just have a black box around them if the size is off, so maybe that has something to do with heyspread?
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    Hey tiff

    theres an option in heyspread to change your YT video to suit all Video directories.. try with and without. one of them will work.

    You also have the ability to post to only so you dont waste your credits while experimenting.

    Btw. Ive never had that problem with 100's of videos posts.. though I always check the box to convert to suitable format.. maybe thats the answer


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    Thanks, Pete! I'll try that. I'm excited about it anyway. Just having it all out there is good 'nuff for me.

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