Killing Other People's WSO: Cool Or Not Cool?

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Update: I messed up on my poll questions and ended up not having a "cool" and "not cool" option. I realized this and went to edit but didn't see a way of changing my actual questions. SORRY about that.

I'm sort of floored by the posts I see people making in response to the WSOs. I realize most people here are not earning a living online but many are, and it's mind-boggling how people can make some of these posts and even think they're remotely close to "ok".


A few recent examples, made generic to avoid pointing fingers.

I saw a WSO for a killer software application. It was priced at just $47 - retail value $67. First reply post read:

"Yeah but at such a high price do we get resell rights with it?"

I saw a WSO a while back (I think actually in the old forum) offering a very nice ecover design package. A reply was made with something like "Hey that's nice but so-and-so (hyperlink to competitors' site) is offering that for x dollars cheaper." Following were a handful of posts discussing the friggin' competitor's design service!

I'm being serious!

Recently in one of my WSO posts a fellow dropped a complete link in for a free, competing product.

Again I'm 100% serious.

Now I know already what the less experienced people (who aren't making money online) will say. "If you can't handle honest feedback don't post a WSO!"

It's easy to have this kind of "high standard" when nothing is on the line, in other words when you aren't making sales in the first place why worry about things that could knock a few off the bottom line? And I'm not talking about "feedback" I'm talking about questions and comments that are flat out harmful.

It's one thing if you get ripped off to go back in and post comments to help other buyers. But come on... I would never post something in another member's WSO that could possibly detract from their ability to make sales. This is what the PM function is for!

I think it is sooo rude and frankly ameteurish to barge into a thread where another marketer is running a paid promotion and start handing out links to the competition, complaining about the price, etc.

This is not part of the actual rule re: casugin harm. I honestly don't think a lot of these people are trying to bust up a WSO; it's just a matter of (IMO) being inconsiderate.

Maybe nobody agrees with me. But I feel really strongly about this and would just love to know what other Warriors of various experience levels think.

Either way I'll keep using the WSO feature weekly. It adds a good chunk of money to my weekly/monthly cash flow and I'm glad we have access to it!
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    I agree with you Tim. That's called being a hater or an idiot.

    Their not just killing the WSO, their killing potential relationships with the poster and anyone who reads their comments.

    I think on sitepoint, you can delete someone's comments from your post if you're trying to sell something. They should have that option here as well.

    If you think a WSO is a scam, you can report it and express your opinion privately.
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    I with you on this, I think most the bozos who do this do this out of ignorance, lately seems many of them are surfacing.

    Then you have the other side of the coin of the malicious posters.

    You are not imagining this I observed it myself same feelings abou it.

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    Here are the WSO rules for making posts:

    UPDATED: Anyone caught trying to purposefully harm another persons WSO will be removed from this forum permanently. If you bought the WSO you have a right to comment on it. However, if you have not bought it you have no right to say anything at all about it. You have no basis on which to even give an opinion one way or the other.

    If you think someone is trying to harm your WSO on purpose just PM admin here in the forum.


    It's pretty clear that unless you buy a product first, you have no right to comment one way or the other . . .
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    I agree Tim,

    If you don't have something good to say you shouldn't say anything.

    However I think a question asking for more details about a product, if you are allowed to install a software product on more than one domain, or if it includes resell rights are acceptable.

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    It's very difficult to work out exactly where the line is. For instance, there are some WSOs that look like they're offering a great deal to start with, but then by looking a little deeper it's not clear exactly what's being offered, or if the product is original, or there may be some other ambiguity.

    As a potential purchaser I think it's only right to ask for clarifications where necessary.

    Because I think that the answers may be invaluable to other potential buyers I would always ask these via the thread, rather than through using the PM function.

    On the positive side, this gives the seller another chance to publicise their product.

    I tend to think that sellers would prefer their WSO to get some attention, rather than being ignored because people can't find all the answers that they need before purchasing.
    • Profile picture of the author Tim Whiston
      Yeah it is hard to define the line. This is really just a philosophical convo more than anything.

      I think what Carol posted are good examples of appropriate questions for instance.

      I don't refrain from asking any questions in public. But I would not say something like...

      "Hey Jimbo you were giving this away for free to your list last month. Will you be doing that again soon?"

      Again just my opinion and wanted to get some feedback from others.
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    I think each WSO should be taken individually. Normally if I had a question that could be construed as possibly damaging I would always use the PM function.

    If I knew the poster was a scammer and had scammed me and 'more than likely' going to scam possibly new people I wouldnt think twice about posting, rule or no rule.

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      Not all of these posts are intended to be harmful, although they can indeed be just that.

      Sometimes the poster is just not paying attention or a bit on the green side.

      For example, I had a MRR WSO a while back, and someone posted in my WSO thread that so-and-so was only selling it for $X (much cheaper than me). Now that seller was well within his rights to do so. He purchased MRR from me and sold it cheaper than I did.

      But the poster didn't need to point that out in my thread. I think he felt this seller was "cheapening" my offer by undercutting me in price, but again, that's the nature of the game when it comes to MRR.

      Add to that the fact that I was encouraging that sort of thing (this product was a viral list building product...I was not in it to make money). Again, this poster didn't know that. It was just an oversight on his part.

      So not everyone who does that is out to kill someone's WSO.

      Just another point of view on the matter.
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    I have never ever barged into a WSO and complained about anything, but believe me the day I do offer a WSO, if someone doesn't read the post I will feel sorry for them. 5/10 people never read a post properly. So it will be nice to make them look like complete idiots if they ask something and it has already been addressed in the wso. So point is- always offer complete information. The most helpful wso's I have ever seen "sometimes" have a FAQ section at the end of it with most commonly asked questions and the answers. So if someone asks if "Yeah but at such a high price do we get resell rights with it?"

    I would say, "You tell me. Did you even read the wso?"

    If someone drops a link with a competing site or product, I would ask:

    "It's great that you offer a competing product for free. I would appreciate if you could do your advertising outside of my thread. Thanks."

    Then contact a moderator and ask them if they can remove the post. Especially if you stated that they should not advertise in your thread.
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    its not about asking about detailed questions about a product but when someone else post a free link or says I can get this for less somewhere else this is where the poster has crossed the line

    a potential customer should ask all the questions they need to make a informed decision these types of questions help all that are interested but to blatantly ambush a WSO - NO.

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    I agree with the OP. From having experience in other forums I get absolutely furious when someone comes into my thread and says what I'm selling is overpriced or whatever.

    If you don't like it don't buy it then noones forcing you too, but how dare you insult me.

    Ok rant over...
    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Here is the way I look at WSO questions.

      If it is a legit question about the WSO itself, then even if the question ends
      up producing an answer that hurts the WSO because it reveals a weakness
      of the product itself, then I feel those questions NEED to be asked. If the
      vendor has nothing to hide, then he should have no problem answering
      questions, even if they're hard questions.

      For example, for one of my WSOs, where I said I was going to show the
      best ways to do free advertising outside of article marketing, one of the
      members asked if one of the methods was whatever. Now at first I thought
      that revealing the source would hurt the WSO but later realized that even
      if I revealed the source, it would be useless if they didn't know how to make
      the best use of it.

      So, not only did I reveal the source, but I actually reworked the WSO
      copy to include ALL the sources in the product.

      Now, did it hurt sales? Maybe, maybe not. I took a calculated gamble that
      with full disclosure, I'd get more people to trust me.

      Had I not revealed the source, members might have thought that I was
      trying to hide something.

      Either way, it was a harmful question. No doubt about it. But it was, in my
      opinion, a legitimate question to ask. The person probably didn't want to
      invest in the WSO if it was that traffic source because he probably already
      used it and either wasn't having success with it or was having success
      and didn't need to learn any more about it.

      So as you can see, it really depends on the question.

      Some legitimate questions can be harmful.

      That's the nature of this business. If you have something to hide or are
      dealing with secret information, this kind of stuff is going to happen.
  • Profile picture of the author George Wright
    Hi Tim,

    Great Subject.

    I wrote a little ebook about a year or so ago called "Why are you killing my WSO." I'll send anyone a copy if you post here or PM me. Give me a little time to dig it up.

    I didn't vote in your pole because my method of dealing with illegal or rule breaking WSOs involves the report-post button and that was not one of your choices.

    However, to answer your question, it is not cool to kill another Warrior's WSO whether on purpose or in ignorance.

    If the WSO is not breaking a rule it's none of my business whether I think it's good deal or not or whether I like it or not. If I'm not a buyer it's simply none of my business. And if I ask a question with no intention to buy but just to up my post count or just to "look smart," (yes we can tell) that is not cool either.

    If you listen to the mood of some of the posts lately you'd think that half of us were put here to protect the other half.

    I'm in no way shape or form talking about the veteran Warriors like Bev and others who have some insight on real scammers. I'm talking about people who shout "look at me," with their tattle tale mentality.

    Warriors are grownups and they don't need me to hold their hands and warn them through the WSO buying experience. Besides that, what I think about an offer I've not bought is a guess at best.

    I've gotten Private Messages asking me to comment on the content of WSOs I've purchased. My answer is usually "Hey, it has a money back guarantee, check it out for yourself." "If you have doubts and the feedback or PM information from the WSOs owner doesn't satisfy you then move on and forget about it."

    And if it is breaking a rule I don't want to get involved in any of the ugly "expose" fights that always happen when we don't go by Allen's rules.

    Allen tells us exactly how to deal with these things and he provides the tools to do it. If we do it his way and nothing happens then we should know that he has dealt with it in a way we are not privy to or he decided not to deal with it at all and we should respect his decision.

    Recently a guy was crying about a deleted post of his where he was trying to "warn" us all. These ebbs and flows of self appointed forum vigilante have come and gone over the last 10 years and I guess we are just in a flow right now."

    I know with the new forum we are all moderators but there is a right way to moderate and a wrong way. The right way involves that handy little "report a post" button.

    In a recent WSO another warrior posted where the eBook could be downloaded for free. I guess he thought he was doing everyone a big favor. NOT!

    Anyway as far as dealing with WSO killers a WSO rule probably takes care of about 80% of the killers, another 10% I deal with in my ebook and the last 10% do their damage and move on. Real Warriors whether they have 10 posts or 10,000 posts don't listen to the disruptors.

    Here is the rule as presented by Allen Says: "UPDATED: Anyone caught trying to purposefully harm another persons WSO will be removed from this forum permanently. If you bought the WSO you have a right to comment on it. However, if you have not bought it you have no right to say anything at all about it. You have no basis on which to even give an opinion one way or the other.

    If you think someone is trying to harm your WSO on purpose just PM admin here in the forum."

    Thanks for your OP Tim,
    George Wright
    • Profile picture of the author Tim Whiston
      Originally Posted by George Wright View Post

      I wrote a little ebook about a year or so ago called "Why are you killing my WSO." I'll send anyone a copy if you post here or PM me. Give me a little time to dig it up.
      George your comments made a lot of sense. Also I'd love to check your ebook out.

      Please PM me a link. Thanks!
  • Profile picture of the author Didier Faucher
    Hey Tim, ignoring emails and PM's after not completing a ghostwriting work,
    cool or not ?


    • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
      Originally Posted by Tim Whiston View Post


      Can you be any more childish? Seriously.

      I explained quite clearly that I no longer offer writing services. And there was nothing incomplete about the last project we worked on together.

      Grow the hell up. You can have a chip on your shoulder because I didn't take on your second project but don't make gay little comments suggesting I owe it to you to provide further work.

      (Ducking into my bunker...this is going to get ugly)
  • Profile picture of the author Patrician
    Hi Tim.

    I have been apalled when I see what some idiots, whether intentionally or not will say in a person's WSO. Specifically here is a link for better, cheaper, bigger, whatever. Start your own WSO, Trolls. I Agree they should be N/A'd yesterday.

    I agree questions about the WSO are perfectly acceptable.

    ... and I agree if the seller has in the past not delivered/refunded and/or ripped you off, and has not responded to private messages, publically bringing it up IN THEIR NEXT WSO is A-ok. (both to resolve your issue and warn others of the situation).

    However, provide documentation - transaction number, copy of emails, etc. and don't be antagonistic. Just state the facts and give the person a chance to defend themselves (prove they did deliver/respond, etc) and they also should provide documentation (refund/emails) so it is never he said/she said.

    However, I agree with Kevin. Where is the 'it's not cool' in the poll choices? You have two with making money or not making money which I find slightly irrelevant, because being unkind or stupid would apply either way. How about it's not cool unless? LOL

    So I don't know which one to vote since none match what I think.

    I am so glad you brought this up, however.
    • Profile picture of the author Tim Whiston
      Originally Posted by Patrician View Post

      Hi Tim.

      I have been apalled when I see what some idiots, whether intentionally or not will say in a person's WSO.
      I think appalled is a good term for this. It describes the shock I've felt a time or two.

      And double apologies for botching the question format. I have no idea why I didn't include a simple "Cool" and "Not Cool" button.
  • Profile picture of the author Mary Laine
    I really dislike it when someone hijacks a thread. Not cool, and damn rude to boot. I recently posted a thread at another forum, and the next time I went back it had diversified into a totally different topic!
  • Profile picture of the author deannatroupe
    I was wondering about that poll. I was going to respond but I didn't see a not cool option.
  • Profile picture of the author NickMarks
    I agree,

    As the old saying goes "If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all..."
    • Profile picture of the author Jeffery
      Over the years I have posted legitiment questions, comments, and testimonials in other Warrior's WSO threads. At all times I have received honest answers, honest replies, and honest thanks. Why? Because I only buy from Warriors I know personally or those that have been recommended to me by friends.

      In the end I want three things from a Warrior's WSO.

      1. The product or service performs exactly as advertised.
      + That means I do not expect any extra whistles and bells outside of the original offer.
      + That also means I will not ask for "extras" ... unless the Seller asks for feedback.

      2. Immediate delivery when the product is a digital download.
      + That means after payment I expect access to the product either from a download page or the product immediately emailed to me as an attachment.
      + That also means I do not want to wait on the Seller to manually email the product to me.

      3. Support.
      + That means I expect the product or service to be fully supported by the Seller. Where the Seller is offering software and is not the programmer I expect the Seller to provide a support desk.
      + That also means I do not want to hear "The Programmer" is no longer available, so I cannot support the product until I find another programmer.

      Will I "Kill" other people's WSOs when I do not receive what I expect to receive? The answer is "No" because I simply refuse to do business with the Seller in the future. The Seller is immediately added to my blacklist. And I literally have my own blacklist. Does that do other Warriors any justice or good? Yes, in some cases it does! Here is how..

      .. Seller asks me for a testimonial !!! The testimonial is..

      "The Seller (Name) asked for a testimonial and I cannot give a testimonial in good faith."

      I am not a know it all, but in the business world where I peddle my goods, that comment is the death of an Internet Marketer. I imagine it would be the death of a WSO if the reader is a seasoned Internet Marketer.

      Does that do other Warriors any justice or good if no testimonial was solicited? No, not in most cases. Nothing I can do about that. Will I contact a friend or customer of my own that is asking legitiment questions in a WSO that is not honest and meets my "Things I want from a WSO" list? Yes, in a digital heart beat. That is my friend and/or customer getting too close to the fire. Where I come from we look out of our friends and customers. Of course, the final decision is completely up to the individual.

      Jeffery 100% :-)

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