Do You Hide The SideBar In Your Sites?

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If you have a 50 page site isnt it best to hide the sidebar? Im asking because I notice that visitors instead of clicking through to the hoplink they instead check out all of the other pages of my site. So would it be wise to hide the sidebar on my site so they only have the choice of leaving the site or clicking the hoplink?
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    if the hoplink is on your other pages too, then surely it doesn't matter - they can click it from any page, and the longer you keep them on your site and impress them with your content, the more likely they may be to click.

    The only way to really know, though, is to test it.
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    Its best to test it out. I don't hide mine.
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    Some of the visitor are like women and they prefer only window shopping without click on hop link. So just force them to click from first page only. Otherwise they will leap from one page to another and then exit

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