My Dirty Little Secret How You Can Profit From Newbies

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I'm going to tell you my dirty little secret how you can profit from newbies

Think newbies are stupid?

Think again...

They could just be a little bit more clever then you with a pinch of desire, a slight twist of their own creativity, as well as a willingnesss to take action.

So what do you get when you have a newbie that combines all these traits?

What you get is a newbie who yerns to be noticed by others.

One of the quickest ways newbies like to get noticed by others is to over deliver as if to raise their hand and say "look at me", "look at me"!

Honestly it could also be from being a little bit nieve about how much information they should give away....

Whatever the case a newbie 9 times out of 10 will give away a ton more information about how their making $10 a day or $50 each week or whatever the case may be compared to your local "guru"

BUT, its not how much money their making that makes what their selling dirt cheap, or giving away free so desirable.

Its the fact that what their doing behind the scenes is making them money and that it most likely can be duplicated is what makes what their selling or giving away free a complete gold mine!

What you should be doing is spying on some of these newbies in the warrior forum and either opting into their list to see what their giving away free or buying their "silly" little money making wso products that their selling dirt cheap.

I gurantee you that if you try out what their doing and duplicate and systemize the process on a much larger scale you'll be blowing right past a lot of warriors here in the forum with your new income levels.

One of the most overlooked methods to quickly propell your income is that marketers do not scale their duplication process on a large enough scale and typically stop because it only made them $5, $10, or $20.

lol, man what a waste!

If this is you then you've potentially got a gold mine on your hands if you use a tactic or marketing method that only makes you $5, $10, or even $20 or more.

You've got to use a little common sense here though.

I'm not talking about a method that takes you a full 8 hours a day and 30 days to make you $20.

I'm referring to methods that can make you money with only a few hours of work or even a day to set up. Because chances are the process can be streamlined much, much faster.

Its all about processes.

Once you start making some consistant money then you figure out how much your time is worth and begin outsourcing these little "pitiful" money making gems on a large scale.

Until then, you can easily duplicate the processes and create these little systems yourself until your ready to outsource.

Then all you have to do is have your outsourced workers login to your site and watch a little video or read a little step by step system you streamlined that shows them how to do the things your doing thats been making you little "trickles" of money each day.

So if your a smart marketer you should not only closely watch the trends here in the WF, get spammed by the gurus list with their flavors of the month, but you should also be spying on some of the newbies around here in the Warrior Forum.

You start adding this to your regular due diligence and you'll be quite surprised how much money you can make off a newbie.

Frank Bruno
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    Great Post Frank but now you have let the cat out of the bag maybe one or two Newbies might now start to guard there own little secrets from prying eyes. Lets hope not eh LOL.
  • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
    Y'know as I got to thinking about it, this is really a profound observation.

    Its easy to ignore these small little methods since the initial amounts produced appear small. BUt, given some scale, and outsourcing, they could produce a nice income. Thanks!
  • Profile picture of the author OnlineMasterMind
    Great post!

    Originally Posted by Frank Bruno View Post

    One of the most overlooked methods to quickly propell your income is that marketers do not scale their duplication process on a large enough scale and typically stop because it only made them $5, $10, or $20.
    So true.
    • Profile picture of the author Texas_Guns

      I'm very curious on what inspired you to write the

      Dare to share what you read on the forum or in
      a WSO that you purchased that lead to this?


      What am I thinking!?!?! That would be a newbie
    • Profile picture of the author Anthony Robinson
      OK, I just wanted to say that I'm a newbie and anyone who wants to take total advantage of me by buying my stuff and opting in to my lists is welcome to. This is a limited time offer, after the first 10,000 sales it will be withdrawn.

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