I made my first $100 month!

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Now I know that's peanuts to some of you, but I just made the $100 mark for the first time this month! Partly because I finally satisfied the Clickbank criteria of having 5 sales with 5 different credit cards! That was annoying.

I do affiliate marketing and have struggled to learn everything myself. Kind of a slow learner, I guess!
Just wanted to share,
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    Hi Diane,


    Now you heve something to build on, so do keep moving forward.

    Wishing you continued success,
    Jeff Henshaw.
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    Congrats Diane. Keep doing what your doing.

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    Congrats Diane,

    Just keep at it now!

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    Hey Diane,

    Very nice, I saw your blog and you are a good writer, but you should be making much more than that.

    What type of traffic generation method are you using for your blogs?

    Don't hold back, sometimes it's ok to learns from others, I suggest you check the WSO section for some good and cheap products on affiliate marketing to really make some money and take that $100 to the next level.

    My advice is, check out a few and pick one, just ONE, so you stick to it and so you don't get overwhelmed with information overload.

    Best of luck,

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    As a newbie myself, I am confused about what you are talking about with the Clickbank criteria. I am about to do my first article marketing niche, but I really hope I make more than $100 a month with what I will be doing.
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    You have to have 5 separate sales and they all have to be different credit cards. This insures that you are not buying the product and just reimbursing yourself.
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    The first $100 is a good feeling! The first $500 is better and the first $1000 is awesome. You'll get there!
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    Congrats. Very Good job. Just remember this is just the beginning.

    To you future success on the internet - Matt Bacak
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      Thanks for all the encouraging replies! As to the question about how I get traffic, I do article marketing and have been answering some questions on Yahoo answers. I am concentrating on the "free" stuff right now!

      The $100 was a real encouragement to me. I don't spend as much time as I would to on getting traffic, writing articles, etc. I have a household to run and 9 kids at home! LOL!

      I've mostly submitted my articles to Ezine and a few to GoArticles. Who thinks submitting to more article directories is worth the time?

      Thanks again,
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    i do, i use article post robot to submit to about 10 good directories
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    Wow! that is awesome!
    I remember how excited I was the first time I made $100 online.

    Thats great to hear! Keep up the good work and remember: NEVER GIVE UP!

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    Hey congratulations buddy!
    It's not small because you now laid a foundation for your future online ventured.
    The fact that you're self taught makes you stronger and a little prepared for future events.
    Learn from mistakes, take notes learn from them and never make those mistakes again.

    Good work!

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    Congrats on the $100.

    Im yet to pass $ 50
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      It's really nice to hear from so many people! It's very encouraging. Thanks for all the info about the article directories too. I've wondered about isnare. The niche I'm working now is so saturated, which is good and bad. I'm trying to optimize my keywords but so are a lot of others. I am really enjoying it however,so I want to spend a bit more time on it.

      Thanks again for all the encouragement!
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      Congratulations, Diane! Keep up the great work!

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      Keep on!
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    One thing our forums is soooo good at (and what I love about ) is when someone succeeds at doing something, we'll feel happy for that person as if it happens to ourselves.

    Good for you Diane, your success is ours.
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    Congrats Diane! Great job getting started now keep the momentum going.

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    Yeah, congratulations Diane one step at a time I am just starting out as well and know it all takes one step at a time with anything you do. With the article directories I use Article submitter it has a huge database and I have gotten some results with few submittions.
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    Congrats Diane!

    I think you will find, as I am finding that the next $100 will come easier. If you can make $100, you can make $1000, just duplicate your process.

    I am not makin the big bucks just yet, but soon......

    I go a little slower than some though. I like to read all the material I can get my hands on, I think that, perhaps, slows me down, because I am reading about so many good ideas.

    I am really studying outsourcing now. We all only have the same amount of time in a day. How is it that you and I are making a few hundred a month, and other are making $1000's and tens of $1000's. They set up systems, and processes, then hire out the work. I have found that I can hire a full time person (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) to do, say, article writing & social bookmarking, for about $750 a month. So, obviously, I would not start this until I have at least $1000 coming in, but then I can start to exponentially grow.

    I concur with the person before that said you should check the WSOs. I have purchased a couple and found them worth 10 times what they were charging.

    Can you share what you are doing? Is it the basic affiliate product referall/review?

    To your Success!

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    So know you need to understand you've made $100/month, so you can do the same over and over again. Just use your same system to get up to $200/month and so on. Great work.
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    Congratulation Diane

    Let's move on and continue this cycle. Inform us when you hit your next milestone

    >>.. satisfied the Clickbank criteria of having 5 sales with 5 different credit cards!

    I hate this too Purchase for IM products tends to pay via paypal. But most of non IM stuff is paid via credit card (at least for me, this is the case).
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      I never get tired of hearing that you can grow and expand your earning potential! And it means a lot when many people repeat the same thing!

      BW, I write articles about my topic, using keyword research and put in a plug for the ebook at the end of the article. I also have a banner ad. I haven't done an actual product review on the site. If I wanted to do that I'd probably do it on a different blog or a Squidoo lens, which really isn't a bad idea! I'm not sure whether that's the best marketing strategy or not, but that's what I'm doing...

      I have bought some WSO's and to tell the truth, some of them had some gems, but mostly I learn from the forum itself and then just trying things out!
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    Congrats dear but why you are stick with blogspot.com. Buy your own domain and start the work from there. You are creating your own competitive by writing on blogspot.com

    Believe me this is not at all long term project.

    Best of luck and we want to see when you type you earned your $1000
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    Congratz Diane! Only more to come..

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