Where can you find multiple stock photos of same person?

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I want to create a story based review site but dont want to use my face or pictures. Is there a place wehre you can get photos to use of the same person with different pictures? Not just a standard 1 photo headshot? Thanks
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    I think the trick here is to find a photographer on istock or fotolia and look at their portfolio. Usually you will see that they photographer the same person in multiple settings.

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    Use/search Istockphoto. Search within the portfolio of one photographer - top left bellow search button there's a small box.
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    this is something i wanted to know as well...i dont like pics that look to professional
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      I think if you go the stock photo route it will take some heavy research.

      Do'nt know if this will fit in on what you plan to do but there is a thread
      at the moment :video - walk on your website - HipHop

      Fellow warriors suggest : Josh Anderson - Transparent Video -
      Transparent Video Effects or -


      Check it out - looks interesting.
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    I like fotolia. I've purchased images that were variations of the same character. Maybe if you like something, you can contact the photographer and work out a deal with them.
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    OT if i wanted had a sports blog where would i go to get a picture of someone like Kobe Bryant

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