Unusual Clickbank Gravity Boosting Trick

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Hey Warriors,

In my efforts to get my new site to the top of its clickbank marketplace category, I came across a competitor of mine that appears to be employing some very "uncoventional" methods of raising his / her gravity.

I'm not going to name names, but here's what's going on:

Upon clicking his google ad, I am redirected to "indexXX.html" (this person is using numbers 1-50 with indenticle landing pages.)

Upon clicking the clickbank order link, I scroll down and the "referring affiliate" is listed as:


For example, if I go to Competitor.com/index3.html and click the order link, the referring affiliate will be listed as:


Obviously, if this "trick" works, it would immediately skyrocket this persons gravity, as he is instantly giving himself over 50 unique affiliate ids (gravity points)

I've heard about signing up for multiple affiliate accounts, but PublisherID.site1-50++, this would be something new.

My questions:

1. Has anyone seen / heard about this tactic before?

2. Is it legit and does it work?

3. Does this guy really sign up 50+ times under different accounts
just changing the nickname by 1 number each time, with a "." before the
number - or can 1 clickbank account just "add" these extensions and
count as a "unique affiliate".

Thanks in advance for any insights,
Cory Friedman
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    Thats is how CB displays the affiliate ID when it has a TID included in your affiliate link. TID's are used for tracking.. this way he/she can track which campaigns/adgroups/kw's/ads are generating his sales..

    I do this myself, but it's a bit tougher to implement since I use a squeeze page and all my affiliate sales are generated from links in my emails...
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    PS - CB does not see this as seperate affiliates
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    I'll be honest with you guys. This is a big secret to many top CB products. I know a few people who do this. You sign up for 50 cb accounts, put them on a link rotation, and promote that one link. Yes, you need sales to improve your gravity, but this is a huge trick in the CB system. It's total black-hat..
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    Hi Mick,

    If you have 50 click bank accounts, would not the payment go to one person and clickbank could see this?
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      Actually it's not black hat - because it's not against Clickbank's TOS to have more than one account to promote your own product.
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    If CB knew you were doing it just to get a higher ranking in the market-place, I'm sure they would not like it.

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