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This is a stupid title for a thread but I couldn't think of anything else... :rolleyes:. Anyway, do you have any nice tips or tricks for "spicing" up or "polishing" an eBook or PDF file? For example, linking the table of contents chapters to their respective page so the user can click it and go straight to the page, using fancy headers, etc. ? Just curious if there is anything people do I haven't thought of!
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    Embed Audios and Videos right into the pdf...

    you might want to check out Josh's sig.
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      Don't call it a pdf or ebook... call it something else to increse the percieved value. maybe report, or a blueprint, masterplan, step-by-step shooter whatever. Use your creativity.
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    We did a series of "ugly ebooks" once and had fun with the other applications of OpenOffice.

    All of the OpenOffice programs create PDF files with different results. The Draw Program was especially interesting.

    Tamara Wright

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