Going On Vacation: How To Internet Market Without Your Computer

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I'm going on a cruise for a 5 days starting Monday, and I'm going to go absolutely crazy not being able to check my email, stats on google analytic, stats on getresponse, stats on EZA, post new articles, and check the warrior forum!!

Any IMers go on a cruise and get any work done in the process?

I don't really want to work but whenever I don't get anything done I feel so guilty and feel like I'm being lazy....
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    My business coach said to me once I'm the type who can't holiday
    And I can't....no matter where I go, I love working

    enjoy the time away from your computer- take it as reflecting time. Take a few books, and a big pad of paper and a few pens, and tell your mind this is planning time

    you may find you completely unwind ant not want to work at all- but it's there if you need it.
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    Your ship will most probably have an internet cafe and wifi hotspots should you want to bring your laptop. But minutes run 40 to 75 cents per.

    Better off waiting until you get into port (Mexico?) where an hour costs $2 to $3 max!

    Better still to have an iPhone, and run your web biz from your cabin like I do (while cruising the world). Just put it in "airplane mode" when chillin' to avoid excess data roaming charges.

    If you like your cruise on next week, just consider it your APPETIZER cruise. The one you want to really be on is happening January 8th to 16th! :-)

    Bon Voyage!!!

    Captain Lou

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