Adsense Sucks For Your Sales!

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That is what I think. In the beginning adsense and/or
same type of ads was cool. Nowdays if I come to a site
selling/promoting anything and I see an adsense ads I
leave, I try find another similair page without ads.

No idea why. Just can't stand these stupid ads all over
the page. On free information pages I can stand it but
on commercial pages YUK. Anyone else?

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    It doesn't work having ads on your sales page - the page needs to be focused on one thing only.

    What you are selling.
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    What about adsense on merchants selling stuff thru clickbank or any other affiliatenetwork....

    There is no bigger sign to me to not promote that. Apperently he/she is not convinced the product will sell and needs an extra way to make a profit plus imho it's ripping the affiliates of that send traffic to that page.
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      I guess you get the point by now.

      Adsense ads (or any other advertising) does not belong on a sales page. It takes a targeted visitors attention away from the product.

      Targeted visitors are valuable and giving them a way to go to another product is a dumb thing to do.
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    I added adsense to my squeeze pages..

    My opt-ins did not drop at all, and I get 10% ctr on my adsense. This effectively reduced my ppc expenses by over 20% (i get more per click then I paid), which increased my overal profitability quite a bit.

    Seriously, the only people clicking on my adsense are people who were going to hit the back arrow.. those interested in opting in are still doing so.

    And I got the basic idea from 'get adwords for free'!! Yeah - the product everyone hates It doesn't talk about adsense, but the idea that maybe ads wouldn't reduce my opt-ins was triggered by that ebook..

    This is not the same as a sales page of course, but it's an example of the need to test 'counter-intuitive' ideas for yourself..

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