Anyone use Paypal for recurring billing?

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Hi - Quick question on Paypal.

I have recurring billing set up for a product which takes an initial low shipping payment ($29) and then charges the full fee ($597) 1 month later.

I use paypal and on sales I've made every time I get the $29 OK but the $597 fails several times in the customers account and then it gets cancelled (I get notification emails from paypal).

Paypal assured me that everything is set up OK on my side and that it's a customer issue, but wouldn't tell me more due to confidentiality.

I am guessing that people just don't have $597 sat in their account and that's why it's failing.

But I would have thought that the money would then be automatically drawn from a credit card/debit card linked to their account.

But I am guessing maybe not...

Can anyone help?


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    I get it now and then , basically they simply don't have the funds and / or the card details they initially gave are now no longer valid.

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