Best Video Hosting Solution?

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering what you think the best video hosting solution is?

I am designing a product that will have quite a lot of video in it and have the software to record the video and convert it to flash and put it in a HTML page but am looking for a way to host it cheaply as it is bound to use a lot of bandwidth.

Anyone know of a good service?

Basically the site I am creating will be like a membership site with a videos section so anyone with a similar site let me know of a good video hosting package?

All the best

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    You could look at hosting the files with Amazon S3, or you could get yourself a VPS hosting plan with lots of bandwidth, or even a dedicated server. It all depends on how many visitors and downloads you expect to have.

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    This same question has been posted at least 3 times in the last week, and the answer has always included Amazon S3. I highly recommend it and am using it on my video membership site.

    A quick search in the forum on "video hosting" should get you all the info you need.

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