What's Your WordPress Stats Plugin Of Choice?

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So I'm currently using "Wassup" to track the stats on my WordPress blog.

And quite frankly, I think it... ummmm...


Anyone happen to know of a better WordPress plugin for tracking stats?

(Note: Some people on this forum have advised me against using Google Analytics... so I'd like to stay away from it if possible).
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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Heusman
    I've been using a plugin called SlimStat. It seems to be alright. Tells you the keywords used to find your blog as well as where clicks originzted from among a couple of other things.

    I am not sure it is the best out there, but I find it to be pretty useful.

  • Profile picture of the author JasonDeVelvis
    I'm a fan of the Wordpress.com stats plugin - and it's made by Automattic, so you know it's going to keep getting better

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