How to Fix Ugly AWeber links

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I have a few links in my autoresponder series.

They are these humongous long things that start " and go on for about 80 more characters.

If I got an email with a generic looking link like that I wouldn't want to click on it.

Is there any way to have the ACTUAL link appear?

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    The long links are meant to check your click through
    rate. If you don't want it and only to show the actual
    link, you'll probably need to turn off your tracking in

    On the other hand, you can try typing in the whole
    URL instead without making it a link. I sent a couple of
    mails and those weren't tracked.

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    Aweber REALLY needs a url shortener for their links. Their tracking links are definitely ridiculous.

    The problem comes when you send text-only emails, which is almost what I do exclusively. Its not so bad in HTML emails, because you can use whatever link text you want.

    Anyway, you can simply turn off tracking in individual broadcasts, autoresponses and who campaigns.


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