Word Press Plugin or An Form Editor for User Submissions

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Hey everyone,

I am looking either for a Word Press Plugin for forms that allows users to submit information to me via email.

Or a form script that will do the same.

Example of type of information I will need from the end user.

Website information---the information they want added to a designed template that I will be providing

Payment Options

I would like an Advanced Edtior type form if possible.


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  • Profile picture of the author Diana Lane
    Have you looked at the Secure Form Mailer plugin from Dagon Design? It's very versatile, allows multiple instances and has made one particular part of my after-sales process a zillion times easier. No association or affiliation here, just a wholehearted recommendation.

    Secure Form Mailer Plugin For Wordpress Dagon Design
  • Profile picture of the author Fendi Salim
    Tina, I would recommend cformsII.

    Cforms Contact Form

    I've used it myself. You can set custom multiple forms and also redirect users to a page of your choice after submission eg. to a sales page or payment page or anywhere you want...should you choose to.

    Try it!

  • Profile picture of the author kevinw1
    I second cFormsII - I have it on all my WP sites and it works very well once you have got past the rather complex setup. You can copy the setup from one blog to another, though, so you only have to do it once.

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