Best Tip to Get Traffic

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I am wondering what everyone's best tip for getting more traffic is. I have found either forums or being the best source of traffic for me.
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    For me it's getting ranked well in Google. Have good content and as many good back links as you can.

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    If you have a budget try ppc
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    I agree with Zeus. Lots of quality content and getting good backlinks. I bought an eBook about traffic generation that really worked well for me. It wasn't just one strategy. But if I had to boil it down to just one, I would say content is king.

    Articles are also great!

    That's still content . . .

    P.S. By writing tons of quality content on my blog, getting a couple leaders in my niche to backlink to me, and responding to every comment on a timely basis, I was on Google's 1st page within a couple weeks. Now I am in #1 position and still making more than $1000 every month selling my two eBooks that are each <$10. Content, content, content!

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