where can i find a writer for my article marketing?

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Apart from Elance, guru.com etc. Where is the best place? Can anyone recommend any good writers who can write decent content in bulk?

Maybe there is somebody here..

Questions, questions.
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    This easy to answer

    Here I am - Choose me!!!

    seriously there are loads of good writers here. Most of them much more experienced than me.

    Tell us 3 things
    1. What you want
    2. The subject or niche
    3. How much you pay
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    I can write, and write and write!

    What kind of thing you looking for?

    Send me a PM, or inquiry through website in signature.
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    Go to digitalpoint forum and post a topic there. Also look at their itraders before you order.
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    There are people in DigitalPoint that can write your article for a cheap price. Also Rentacoder is good.
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      You can also get writers from elance.com, getafreelancer.com and do read the previews and feedbacks left by past customers.

      Always communicate well with the writers such that they fit your style and preference.

      Personally I do have my team of writers and it is only after testing and working with about 20 of them that I keep the best 3.

      My personal preference is go for writers recommended by past customers...they are recommended because they have a pleasant working experience... =)

      Anyway, remember to communicate well. Communication holds the key and is also responsible for many unpleasant experience and misunderstandings.
      Good luck!

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    If you need a writer and have not found one with all the replies here, check out my WSO.

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    I want to also add my services, too. I write articles, Ebooks, and more, and can show you my profile at Elance, too. Or, go to my Web site at:

    Article Marketing To Go.

    If you need to see a writing sample, check out my Ebook on Article Marketing in the link below.

    Let me know.
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    Did you find somebody ? if note let me know and I can send you the url of a writers for hire web page that is very good.

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