Aweber slower to load than before?

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I currently testing Aweber and a couple of its PLR version.

I found that Aweber is rather slow to load. Many time I encountered time out error and has to click the menu option again or refresh the screen. Sometimes the login screen cannot appear until I refresh a few times.

While the page refresh, I login to Getresponse, modify a message, saved, logout. And Aweber has not finish loading.

The PL version seems to perform worse than Aweber itself.

I am using broadband ADSL, dualcore 2.0Ghz, 1GB ram, 80 GB harddisk (>50G free) and Windows 2000 workstation OS.

Browser is firefox 3.0.6. I tried IE 6.0 but the loading is even slower.

Has such thing happen to anyone here, in particular those residing outside USA? I seems to be the odd one here.

Had told Aweber support but they do not encounter the problem I faced.

Please advise

Thank you.

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