Which domain would you use?

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I have two domains and was wondering which I should use. They are and pros of each...

1. garrie.com - short and to me, shows a little eliteness.
2. garriewilson.com - full name and might be better for branding

I will park/forward one on the other but which should I use to be on ads, the site header, main domain?

Thoughts appreciated.

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    I would pick #2 but it depends on what the main website is going to be about.
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    #1 - garrie.com gets my vote.
    Its elitist personability suits you to a t G.

    - H
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      I think Garrie.com

      Passes the "phone book test"

      is easier to remember which is exactly what you want.

      Remember, you don't want someone who would easily remember

      Garrie to have this conversation in their heads..."I wanted to find that Garrie site but can't remember what his last name is, is it Garrie Johnson,
      Gary Williams, I know it's Garrie something. Oh well, I'll just go
      to [insert competitor's site here] instead. At least I can remember that one!"

      For what it's worth.
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    I would definitely go with number 2 since it is going to be a personal/business site.
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      #2 for sure. Since you'll be forwarding #1 to #2 you can still promote the shorter, easier to remember one. And people can still just type in garrie.com and be taken to your site.

      But garriewilson.com will be better for branding yourself. Plus, if someone's looking for you, they're gonna google "Garrie Wilson"

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