Opportunities to mingle with big names

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Anyone have ideas on opportunities that might exist to meet any of the bigger names in the IM business in person? More in the networking sense than the ask questions, learn from them, etc. Established, successful IMers in general would be a great start, even if they aren't "household" names.
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    Well, if you want to actually meet them, you can do it at a conference. I met a ton at a conference I went to... but it is not much of networking with them. They all have so many people trying to "network" with them already.

    If you are trying to get in good with them, you are better off having something good to offer them and work on a relationship by being able to benefit them.
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      Yeah, the whole "I'm a random person at a conference that thinks I should be important to you" is kind of what I'm trying to avoid. What about a little smaller fish if not the big guys?
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    Well, if I just wanted to hang out and mingle with the world's top millionaire marketers, like Mike Filsaime, Mike Morgan, Michel & Sylvie Fortin, Robert Puddy, Michael Cheney, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Paul Hartunian, Simon Leung, Warren Whitlock, etc, I'd just find out where they were all going with their families on vacation...and then I'd join them!

    But what's the chances of finding over 100 top marketers all island hopping in the Caribbean together at the same time? Hmmm.

    Captain Lou

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