Building a list = No sales

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Hey guys,

Been here for a little bit of time and for ages and for obv reasons everyone says you must build a list. The moneys in the list etc, and it's true.

However since i started building a list for the past couple weeks my sales have stopped almost completely. Not really sure if the visitors are really sure of the landing page or what.

I use to send my visitors directly to my affilates landing page, now visitors come to my landing page and then on to theres collecting data as they go on.. however i don't think the vistors really like this and puts them off the purchase?

What are your thoughts?
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    Have you tested different versions, do you have a split tester

    if you are getting this type of results you need to make some changes and track your results

    no one can really tell you the test results will as you make the changes

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      I finally am list building now. Its a trickle at this stage but I will start using PPC and other paid methods soon and take control.

      It gives me a buzz because my free content is good.
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    Does the changes really that big? I mean, you must have a benchmark..

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