ZenCart Merchant Account

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Has anyone used a zencart merchant account, or heard possitives or negatives about them?

I just noticed that they're included in fantastico and it seems they have quite a few features, so I was considering trying them out.

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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayhew
    There's over 500 reviews of ZenCart at
    Home - OpenSourceCMS
    (looks like alot of positives)
    Personally, I'd go with Magento.
    It rocks.
    • Profile picture of the author Matthew Keith
      Thanks for the link, Michael.

      Yeah, there seem to be quite a few good reviews, but it seems people were saying it was kinda tough to customize and to integrate paypal. Maybe I'll just try it out and play with it a little since it's open source anyways.

      Thanks Again!

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