Do you guys have a life besides this forum?

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Everytime I come here - you are still here.........

Do you ever sleep?

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    Ever since PostBot showed up on the forum a few weeks ago I've been smitten, and now live here 24/7 in the hope that he'll throw just one glance my way. My dreams are of that enigmatic metal body, of stolen moments behind the byte sheds, of sweet nothings gently murmured in binary...

    A life? Guess I'd better get me one
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    Good question. I never sleep in the forum.
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    I'm away from internet most weekends, the odd check to see if things are good
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    I am suddenly becoming obsessed again with all things blog and forum related. I tend to go through periods when I take a break from this weird and wonderful world but then come back with a no holds barred, full on vengeance. I do find it difficult sleeping with so much on my mind and typically, just when I get into bed I think of something else that needs doing.....
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    Yea i guess we all have our life besides this forum as our family, Friends and relatives which are there with us always.

    Since i have joined the WARRIOR FORUM this has been a family of its own , where every one share their own ideas , dreams , Business , Thoughts etc , and people from different walks of life might reply to your Thread same as i am replying for your thread.

    In this Forum one can seek real advice from the people around the Globe.

    In this Forum one can learn how to do business on the internet.

    In this Forum one can learn to earn.

    In this Forum one can share his or her ideas about life.

    In this Forum i can say i have learnt a lot.

    Yes i guess every 1 in the forum sleep after getting tired.
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    This my my home, my Second Life. I'm buying some land here and I'm building a new house.
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    Oh yeah I always checkout the forum when I get a chance to. For instnace most of my posts lately including this one are made from my cell phone.
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    What's that? And where can I download it?

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    Sleep? What's that?

    Rod "Coffee-N-Energy-Drinks!" Cortez
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    Ah Yes, I once had a very nice life; comfortable home, luxury car, a beautiful and attentive wife and happy grandchildren playing in the yard 'neath the shade of a big oak tree.

    Then I found the Warrior Forum.

    Before I knew it, my life was spinning out of control and I became caught up in the sheer, addictive joy of reading thread after glorious thread and (shudder) even posting some of my own. Now, life is quite different.

    I can no longer sleep for fear of missing some tidbit of valuable information that may take my online business to the next level. My personal hygiene began to suffer and gone is the oak tree from my yard (My beautiful wife ran over it with my luxury car as she left me).

    So, for God's sake, leave now while you've still got the chance. It's too late for me... Too late ... Too late (choke, sob)

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    I would like to spend more time on this forum, but... I need to work to pay my mortgage and I need time to build my websites and research niches and products. One day though, one day...
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    The value of the place stops sleep. But sometimes it is too overwhelming and I take a holiday
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    One day while sitting at my computer thinking of better ways to load the forum faster and smarter I crossed a few lines too many and there was a rip in the time-space continual which sucked me into my router and through my cable which landed me inside my computer on the forum..

    Now there is no way out ... OMG!!! The is no way out... How Do I Get Out!!!

    The WF controls my computer and now my computer controls me..

    Well I learned to live with it now I guess.. So I am here 24/7


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