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Would someone be able to tell me what this folder and it's contents are about please?


Could you also tell me where I would find the file that is the home page of my site. I would like to edit it.

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    Hi Misty,
    Those files aren't anything that you should touch - one deals with the Javascript Wordpress uses, and the other is the package that houses the TinyMCE editor code (where you type your posts)

    If you want to edit your blog's theme (look & feel) all you have to do is upload a new theme to the /wp-content/themes directory. You can find Themes here: WordPress › WordPress Themes and by searching Google for Wordpress themes
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      Hi Jason

      Thank you for explaining what that folder is and it's contents.

      I don't want upload a new theme I want to add adverts and I have downloaded a favicon and I need oto add the html code to have it show in the address bar but when I look at all the folders in my file manager in my hosting account I don't know where to find the file that is the 'home page' of the site. I am a real newbie trying hard to do things I have no skill for but you have to start somewhere


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