Tell Me If This Is Smart Marketing ! .. Has To Do With The Presidential Candidates

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I was browsing Comcast News and I came across an Article that I thought was very, very Interesting.

I think this is Truly a way to Market.

Politics News - Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy

Let me know what everyone thinks after you read it.

Haha - I wish I could have Obama's writer do my Sales Copies !
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    Haven't read it but slamming your competitors really isn't the best way to position yourself.

    The best way is to promote yourself and your company as being a truly beneficial solution for them. Who cares about your competition. Just make sure you're doing better and you won't have to slam them!
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    Hi ,

    I guess when Obama takes over from Bush he did be implementing some policies which would be good for the world as a whole.

    Due to Lehman Bro fall here in asia all the stocks are falling.


    Tomorrow will be another day of Great Depression in Asia, as the Dow is down.
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      C'mon warriors...

      No other responces to this, or did it just fall to far behind ?

      Check it out.
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    If you think scare tactics and lying is a good way to market.
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      I don't think attacking anyone is smart marketing by either side.

      Ultimately you're going to win a whole lot more points and a whole lot more genuine loyalty by delivering real specific information than by using these non-sensical attacks.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh

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