IM Products Are a Dish Best Served...?

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Thought this would be an educational poll for all the product creators out there.

AS A CUSTOMER, what form do you like to receive your product in?

Online video
Online audio
Digital report
Physical audio
Physical video
Physical report/book

Video is obviously becoming more an more popular and audio was popular before that, but personally I was like a report. I like being able to scan through all the nonsense a lot of people put in their product as filler or as background information that I already know and get right to the new stuff. Also if I want to go back a double check something it's easier to find.

I also like the instant download of whatever. Mail takes a really long time to get me, which contributes to it. (I'm still waiting to see Kern's Mass Control and I just ordered STSE 2.0 as you can see from my other post.) The exception to this being the hundreds of books I buy off of Amazon on a regular basis.

But those are just my personal preferences. I also know that video, audio, and physical products all raise the perceived value of a product. Just wanted to know what your personal preferences were.
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    I'm probably in the minority these days but I prefer the written word. I'm a fast reader and can tend to read documents and reports fairly quickly, but I find video and audio are too slow. I can also go back and reread something in a document, but that can be harder to do in a video.
    • Profile picture of the author Hamida Harland
      I still prefer digital reports as well - unless it's something that's going to be difficult to learn technically (in which case a video demonstration is good).
  • Profile picture of the author TKemp22
    Definitely Digital
    • Profile picture of the author MikeAmbrosio
      Me personally...

      Depends on my mood on a given day.

      Sometimes I like watching videos on my computer.

      Sometimes I like to open a PDF, print it out and mark it up with notes.

      Sometimes I like to load up audios on my Ipod and listen while on the treadmill...

      That's why I tend to create products that utilize as many of these modalities as possible.

      Good to know what your customers want though. Every time I have surveyed this very question, it tends to split evenly between video and written word...

  • Profile picture of the author virtualpro
    Whatever that give me less time to consume... unless, it is a good movie (video) so I don't want it to end so soon.

    Also, I found video script is very good thing to read. Way better than reading a typical report because it is feel not so natural.

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