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Hey guys,

I've been away from the forum for a week or two. Been super busy but plan on being here as much as I can everyday.

Anyways, I have my own Twitter oriented blog and I don't see a ton of posts on here about Twitter so I wanted to possibly start up a "Best Twitter practices/tips" type of post.

Mine to add is think targeted when building your presence on Twitter. I see a lot of people auto-follow which is cool and all but if you have a gazillion people following you that are just auto-following as well, with no interest or paying attention to what you have to say, how's it helping?

Just a thought....

Another very important one is to take the time every so often throughout the day to engage & interact with your followers. It builds better relationships and shows others you care which can translate to more followers in the long run.

What do you have to add? Let's get this ball a-rollin'!
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    Nice one Mike,

    My Twitter tips include:

    - Engage in conversations (stole your tip there!)
    - Every now and then tweet something that would benefit, interest your followers.
    - ReTweet interesting tweets, the original tweeter will love you for it. Good for building relationships.
    - If your tweet is re-tweeted, make sure you thank the re-tweeter for it.
    - Try and reply to all your @replies.

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    One thing and one thing only, and this applies across-the-board to all social media:

    Be genuine.
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    I've already posted hundreds over at one of my blogs - Twitter Reality - The real story about how to use twitter effectively and avoid the problems.

    I don't really want to repeat them all again here and fill up the forum with Twitter stuff, many people aren't interested.
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    You are right, Twitter gives big succsss.
    Adding niche related followers is best. Say, you want to promote something about degree studies, so, when you search for "online degree", there you will find your COMPETITORS not your target people..., in this case, you have to little bit wise on how to get targeted follwers
    Am I right?
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    Oh, I forgot to add that there's no better advertisement than someone gushing on in a tweet about how they LOVE your product!
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    Originally Posted by mikestenger View Post

    Hey guys,

    I've been away....

    What do you have to add? Let's get this ball a-rollin'!
    Auto follow/unfollow can make your life easier. There are many people out there follow others manually. Also twitter users tend to follow back when others followed him/her.

    These software helps get as many followers as possible at the beginning. When your followers hit 5000, then you should start engaging them by giving good values information and tips. Building the trust before you link them to your sale page.

    For example, if you have 100000 followers, 1% read your tweets(good quality) and trusted you. Then you prospect sales would be 1000. Each gives you $10/month. You will be earning $10k/month.

    Auto tweet application will also help you in giving good tips to your followers. Eg. tweetlater, twitrobot etc allow you to schedule your tweet for future. This might make your life easier.

    One important point here to share:

    When you follow manually and engage them manually, who do you think will actually follow you back and like you?
    Answer: Those who are searching tips & info using twitter/chatting online.

    When you auto follow and engage them, who do you think will follow you back and like you?
    I don't see any different between both question.

    So, why not we use auto follow software which can save your time? Use this extra time to engage and i think you will get higher conversion rate.

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    Sending a Direct Message to one of your followers simply asking how they are is always a way to reach out and interact.
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    Yeah, I gotta agree with Andy on that one Dylan. Some autofollow, others manually follow. I think manually following & being selective is truly the way to go when it comes to personal accounts. It's not about how many followers you have or any of that stuff but who actually listens and cares and the same on your end.

    Someone with 2000 followers can be just as effective as someone with 20000 followers, as long as they build value and showed they care by engaging and interacting with others. IMHO, John Reese summed the whole auto follow ordeal up pretty darn good - 5 Reasons Why Twitter Auto-Follow Is Bad Marketing
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    Hey all

    I have a dilemma.
    I have followers from different timezones and I'm wondering whether I should retweet the same tweet 2 or 3 times a day.

    For example, I'm in the GMT+8 timezone.
    I might wanna tweet "Content Message 1" at 9am, 1pm and 7pm my time
    and then tweet "Content Message 2" at 10am, 2pm and 8pm.

    I haven't been doing that though because I though my followers would think I'm too spammy.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes?
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    Auto tweet software or applications do helps in getting followers. As people in different time zone using twitter as well, we got to repeat our valued info/tips/secrets more often so that it benefits everyone.

    When one manually follow people, most like he/she will go "find people" to search for people with same interest to follow. Try to use popular keywords.

    Auto follow software helps to get you followers. It does not help you to generate sales. It is up to what you do to convert your followers to you buyers. Engagement is the best thing you can do to build trust and sell.
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    I also use feeds from interesting blogs and content network. this increases keywords and get you massive following
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    I aslo agree that being genuine is fundamental and no tricks, no software that makes automatic posts.

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    Please do not use automated replies as people can easily spot this and this is no way to build a relationship. Tweet and retweet relevant topics that your followers are interested in. Its really pretty simple. It just takes some time and comittment to it.
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    I get your points mikestenger, but auto-follow still have its own benefit. My auto-follow and auto-tweet software spare me a lot of time to engage people manually. While auto-following, I am also manually following people.

    There are few points that I want to make it clear:
    1) When you auto follow people or auto tweet, please do not tweet rubbish! Tweet tips, news, information instead.

    2) Don't simply link people to your sales letter page. there is no points doing that. If you check out my twitter, I do link people to some sites, but not selling anything... Build trust before you sell.

    3) I keep giving free ebook out for sharing and make people like me before selling. There after people come back to me to buy.

    4) Auto follow did convert some buyers to me, but couldn't say all. We must take into account those who are using auto follow software but also physically active in twitter. This are the potential buyers to us.

    Lastly, when you auto follow, follow those user with tweet "where to buy...", "where can i buy...", where can i get..."

    There are software out there allow you to get all this online ready buyer... All the best

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    The short answer to the auto-following stuff is:

    It's useful for creating social proof, but it makes your account much more subject to crap and promotional messages from others using automated systems.

    You need to build relationships to get maximum results, so temper your efforts to be a useful balance between your personality and using tools and systems to maximize your efforts (retweeting to ensure all of your followers saw your message - not just for the sake of it).

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    Some people will tell you to not waste time on twitter but those who DO make a profit of it will give very good tips on how to use Twitter the right way.

    As said before it all depends on the people you're following.
    In an another Forum a friend of mine put an excelent thread about what to do to make money from twitter and gave me the liberty to use it a post it here so... here it goes:

    1. Charge for your Twitter Message

    Well you know your username is private and your friends will only receive your twitters. If you have important information and you may have a subscription-based service charging people who want to be your friend to access your twitters. Remember a newspaper will do this to give you access to the news first. Maybe a blogger with online shopping deals could do that. The user will have to pay an amount per week or month to be in the know.

    2. Sponsored Contests

    Some advertisers want to run a contest via a popular twitter user in order to get feedback on their products. This can be a strategy to create a brand awareness. Get them for you. Suppose for a feedback ask what new things would the consumer like to see in the Product.

    3. Tweet for Companies

    There are a large number of companies out there looking to join the realms of social media. Why not be a professional Twitter contributor for a company. The companies need professionals who are very good at blogging, social media and search.

    4. Paid Reviews

    It is an idea for direct ads but you don’t need to suggest a product blindly. What you can do is some paid reviews. Say for instance you can do a paid review for services like say SEO Services or Web hosting Services etc.

    5. Micro Fundraising

    Combine your micro blogging with micro funding to make money. Look for the Twestival for that.

    6. Affiliate marketing

    This strategy is used by a lot of affiliate marketing people. Send the links of websites in your tweets. Those subscribed to your tweets will be able to click on the links and be redirected to the web page.

    7. Sell the Twitter apps

    There are a myriad of professional applications for Twitter on the web. Sell anything from Twitter analytics to Twitter CMSs such as HootSuite (erstwhile Brightkit). They would surely like to pay for it.

    8. Promoting Music

    There are some great ideas for selling music online. Why not look for the This offers an combination of a short URL service with a market place as well as the music community.

    9. Ads in the blank space

    At the end of your 140-character messages put an ad like Drink a refreshing COKE etc........

    10. Twitter Consulting

    There's a lot to know about twitter. It only becomes easy if someone tells you what you can do best in Twitter. If your acquainted with the nitty-gritty of Twitter, then why not act as a consultant to companies who are looking for someone to acquaint them with good twitter.
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    Don't sell your stuff in twitter, share your ideas and show others the best you've got ( Resources, great info and etc )

    Others will follow ( Credibility, trust and etc )

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