Mac - Speech to text software???

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I would love to make use of speech to text software with my Mac, but can only find two so far. The one cannot be downloaded, and may be difficult to find in the country where I am currently living, and of course neither seems to have free trials.

Considering the price, in the $200 range, I would definitely like to try before I buy.

Any recommendations anyone???

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    The best one *by far* is MacSpeech Dictate.

    Just a few things, though.

    -Invest in a GOOD headset
    -Take a lot of time to train the software

    Once that's done, it works like a charm, and it's right in your price range.

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    I second Joe's opinion from the previous post. I have used MacSpeech Dictate since they invented it earlier this year. It is an enhanced version of iListen which is made by the same company. Dictate is designed for the Leopard operating system. Their customer service is very good as well. Joe is right on the mark with his advice about selecting a very good headset. Talk to the people at MacSpeech, they have tested many headsets, and they have a list of the best available.


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