PayPal vs. Merchant Acct.

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Has anyone here tested PayPal vs. a traditional merchant account hosted on your own site?

Is there a noticeable difference in conversion rate?

I've been using PayPal for years, and am reasonably happy with their fees, usability, etc., but would switch to a traditional merchant account setup if there was a clear benefit.


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    When I used to have an ecommerce site my conversions dramatically increased once I got a merchant account. About 90% of my sales came through them.
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    I'd go with merchant account as well and for sure if you're running an ecommerce site appealing to the general public. PayPal works well but people still don't trust doing transactions with them. When it comes to selling an ebook or IM products, paypal works just fine but maybe even those sales would improve with a real merchant account.
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    If you can just offer both.

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