Need reviews/endorsements: 30 Days to Making $ on the Internet

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This is a 26 page 6000 word report.

You have 30 days and a budget of $150.00 to show you can make money on the Internet. There are several options: sell affiliate products, earn Adsense revenues, develop and sell your own product. You can choose one or all three. I've sold my own products, earned Adsense revenue and sold affiliate products. I've done it through my blogs, squidoo pages, and my own websites.

You don't have to spend the $150.00. The money is targeted for ghostwritten articles, plr content, graphics, article distribution, and one month of autoresponder services.

You don't have to start from scratch. If you have a website/blog/squidoo lenses up and running, fine, you can use the 30 day program to promote them. If you don't, part of your plan will to establish blogs, squidoo lenses, and hub pages.

How much can you earn? That's depends on the niche you choose, the quality of your content (even if ghostwritten quality counts) and how much effort you put in. There are no guarantees. It's possible to follow this action plan to the letter and not earn a penny.

It took me approximately two hours a day to implement the steps in this challenge. Some days took longer and some days didn't take that much time.

Each day has specific instructions on what should be accomplished that day.

I'm looking for a few people to give me reviews/endorsements. If you're interested post here.

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  • Profile picture of the author MikeRogers
    Hard to believe that you're short of endorsements, Dee.

    You write some of the easiest to understand stuff on the net. I'll be glad to give it a look if you like.

  • Profile picture of the author laynee
    I'd be interested too, if you're still looking for people.
  • Profile picture of the author rmholla
    If you haven't filled up your review slots yet I'd be happy to help you out. Do you want someone to just read it or someone to follow it day by day for 30 days and then report the results?

  • Profile picture of the author VegasGreg
    I would be glad to review a copy and send you my thoughts if you still need someone.

    Just let me know.

  • Profile picture of the author napoleonfirst
    I am glad to review your report. Pm sent.
  • Profile picture of the author stevecl
    count me in, i'm looking at starting up a new blog.

    • Profile picture of the author DeePower
      Links have been sent. I've been asked a couple of questions.

      Is this strictly for newbies?

      No. It is for those who are probably a rung or two up the ladder from newbies. Gurus probably won't get a lot of pointers. However what they will get is a 30 day step by step guide as to what they should do each day. Sometimes an action plan is what you need to be successful.

      Is it writing articles?

      No. Some of the $150 is used to buy ghostwritten articles and plr, but there are lots of other suggestions.

      Do you have to have a list?

      No. If you follow the plan you will be developing a list.

      Do I have to have an established blog or website to benefit?
      No. This works from scratch. Of course if you already have a blog or website you'll have a head start.

      Shouldn't you have a better title?

      Absolutely and I'm open to suggestions.

  • Profile picture of the author stevecl
    Hi Dee,

    Do you wanr our reviews posted here or do you want it PM'd

    warm regards
    • Profile picture of the author SandyDuPlessis

      Just want to clarify something. Do you want us to simply read and review or follow the game plan over the 30 days and then review.

      The report is great by the way - but then I figure you know that.

  • Profile picture of the author Muhammad Jalloh

    I can use your step-by-step plan on a fresh niche, apply it over 30 days as directed and let you know how it went for me.

    If you are fine with that and still have a slot left, I am interested.

  • Profile picture of the author Sylvia Meier
    If you still have openings I would love to give it a shot. I will go for he whole 30 day start to finish process and then give the review. I can even do some screen shots etc along the way if you want to make a case study or something similar. PM me if that sounds good and you still have slots open.

  • Profile picture of the author KimW
    I'll give you a review Dee.

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