Free Advertising methods That You Use

by Robert Bridgen 40 replies
I was wondering what method are you using to generate traffic to your website blog or squeeze page with free methods Not on Facebook Or Forums
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    For me, setting up a google alert on my topic and writing good comments on the alerts that come it has worked well.

    Also, surprising LinkedIn has brought me some good traffic as well.

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    I use craigslist on occasion. For example I currently have a rare CD for sale on Amazon selling via FBA. The music is rather regional so I have posted ads in a few of the appropriate cities telling about the CD and how they can easily find it on Amazon. This is a rarity that I have a reason to do this however.
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    I don't find the quality of leads on most free traffic sources to be worth the while. However, depending on what you're selling, you can try posting free ads on for the largest cities.
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  • Here's my list:
    -Cross promotions
    -Share for Share (social media)
    -guest writing
    -bulletin boards
    -word of mouth
    -news jacking
    -business cards (not free but so cheap that it's almost free)
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    I think the best one is FB. Tried a lot of ways, but it is the best.

    Thank for other ways. Will help!
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    Originally Posted by Robert Bridgen View Post

    I was wondering what method are you using to generate traffic to your website blog or squeeze page with free methods Not on Facebook Or Forums
    YouTube all the way. Another is seo. fb isn't free. Google can help you with organic traffic (WHY do you use the term FREE nothing is free, in fact, organic traffic is the hardest to build). If your content drives lots of likes and shares, then fb is your friend in terms of organic reach. Organic traffic from fb is likely possible if you create engaging social content like what or do. Do not forget, you need top-notch video creation skills in order to find any traction, which may take ages. Videos are better than just text and graphics. I suggest you better spend your time learning paid ads for faster results. I am saying this because it took me about two years to master those special video editing skills. I do non-liner editing only, which means I write my own video program. Again, nothing is free, you either pay cash or your time. I chose the later.
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    Organic traffic from Google and facebook does the magic for me.
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    Create a Facebook Page, start by posting twice a day for the next 30 days. One about your business and the other about yourself. Post business valuable quotes, ask engaging questions, post engaging & funny pictures, post free youtube video related to your business or make your own, etc.
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    Not sure if this counts, but jv affiliates are free in the sense that you only pay if their list makes money, so there's no up-front financial risk. Obviously, you need your funnel and offer to be on point, of course, because you never want to have an affiliate send something out to their list and get no return on it.
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    YouTube is very powerful if you do your research on good SEO practices and find out their ranking factors. Lots of people won't/can't go to the trouble of creating video which can give you an edge you won't likely get elsewhere.
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    I use YouTube to promote my eBay store and other business and website
    simply best, doesn't cost me a dime.
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    Is anybody using Twitter to create leads or sales? If so, what methods are you using?
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      Originally Posted by Terry Loomis View Post

      Is anybody using Twitter to create leads or sales? If so, what methods are you using?
      I incentivise customers to tweet a picture of themselves with my product (actually I give very specific instructions). They then get a discount code for their next purchase.
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    I put this video together for your question I hope it helps

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    I use fiverr and flippa to get traffic related with my niche, also if lucky got some sales.
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    YouTube works great for me. Also, it's evergreen. Had a guy contact me about a large sale from a video I did a year ago just yesterday. So, I LOVE the evergreen part!
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    Before publishing a blog do keyword research which is receiving more traffic with less competition,Find out keywords and create title which is more curative to make the visitor stick with your blog post and add social Icons which enables the visitor to share your post in social media.
    Use linkedin and twitter
    Publish your post in LinkedIn to increase the visibility
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    Organic but it sure ain't free lol. You have Monetary Cost and Time Cost. It definitely is Time
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    Originally Posted by Robert Bridgen View Post

    I was wondering what method are you using to generate traffic to your website blog or squeeze page with free methods Not on Facebook Or Forums
    Video marketing maybe fit your request. If not, just use FB or whatever you like, (think about sharing docs or bonus also good)
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    Below is a list of sites to place free classified ads.

    Free Classified ads Sites list
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    Beside the Social media site & Forum site, you can use Craigslist, relevant blog commenting & so on. Thanks for your interest.


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    Tons of people are using Traffic Networks and free PPC methods ( yes free PPC)
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    One of the best methods for free traffic generation is still the good old search engine. Keep your website active by putting fresh and unique contents as well as improving your SEO. Another one is list building, giveaway any 'free items' that helps the target audience in any way in exchange of their emails thus you'll have the opportunity to keep them updated through newsletters, etc. Whether we like it or not, social media including forums are the modern day traffic generators. We can use the power of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, Google Plus and many more. We can get targeted traffic from free traffic generators but we need to put considerable effort in, there's no magic in internet marketing, those who are focused and putting a lot of effort win :-)
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      All I do is just write articles and submit them to niche-relevant online/offline publications which already are targeting my best prospects.

      If you can write your own articles, this method can be free, and is perhaps the most effective way for generating massive amounts of highly convertible traffic.
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    Is that spam?
    Hi I am new in Digital marketing
    If I doing Seo for local and I submitted classified for new york is that legal or not, is that spam
    or we done it for backlinks?
    One more thing is that Web hosting will affect on local seo or not
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    I am testing Instagram right now, and for some niches it's going very well. But it really depends on your niche, of course.
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    SEO optimization is the best vay.
    But why you don't want to use facebook?
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    I find SEO the best source of free traffic but it takes time to build reputation and get top ranking.
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    I use social media, as well but the most efficient strategy for my projects is to get traffic through Kindle ebooks.
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    forums, blogs, articles, directories, twitter, linkedin, fb, insta.

    These work for you, if you work them.

    I started with nothing, and then when I made $3000 using free methods, I went used that money on PAID methods.
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    If you have a list, you could use ad swaps. There are plenty of sites advertising ways of swapping with other affiliates. You just need to make sure you know what you are getting and what you need to give in return. Good luck.
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    as per my experience you have to create free classified sites and local listing of your business or topic... you can also post it in local event hosting site...
    also upselling is the better option for you to promote and generate traffic..
    one last is using high pr social site like tumblr, reddit and so many, because that is the platform which are you looking..
    you can see your traffic on google analytic or any free tools..
    i wish it will helps you too...
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    I seem to get a lot of traffic to "junk" fanpages on FB (think celeb/popculture/model type niches, i.e. anything instagram worthy). I am sure that my sites are kept in the Google index on the strength of having popular looking fan pages and good social signals.
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    Originally Posted by Robert Bridgen View Post

    I was wondering what method are you using to generate traffic to your website blog or squeeze page with free methods Not on Facebook Or Forums
    Blog commenting, classified advertising, guest posting, document sharing and Youtube videos.
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    Yes, I totally agree with those posts suggesting classified ads.

    After all, this is how I made my 1st dollar online in 2008.

    Before knowing and doing list building and email marketing.

    Here are the sites I have been using for 9 years.

    1. Adlandpro

    2. Adpost

    3. Backpage

    4. Classified Ads

    5. Craiglist

    6. Gumtree

    7. Locanto

    8. STClassifieds

    Though there are many other sites, these 8 gave me the biggest ROI based on experiences.
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    I have used free solo ads sites and safelist marketing.. works like a gem for getting new prospects and signups. Odd, but true, I have had little success posting ads on craigslist. Free advertising works.

    How To Get 12000 Free Traffic Exchange Credits

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