BEST Wordpress Theme for a Sales Site???

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Hi guys, I'm trying to find a great wordpress theme for a sales site, but I don't even know where to begin!!

Also, I have this one theme that I'm using right now, although I'm not quite so sure if it works alright, as when I put my sales copy inside the page post, it overlaps into the sidebar???

Can anyone help me with this please???

Thanks guys!!
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    Hey there Neville

    The trend is to run with a so-called 'magazine' style theme. Some of the best are listed here:

    Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes


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    There was a warrior on the forum offering a salespage plugin for wordpress blogs. I bought it and it's awesome, but I forget the guy's name and can't find the thread at the minute. I know all of that is useless to you, but if that helps some one else remember, then hopefully they can chip in with a link to the thread.
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    Hi Neville,

    Checkout this thread I posted along time ago where I
    listed great free wordpress themes.

    Click Here

    PS. Neville, I also sent you a PM re: your article writing,
    did you get it
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    I've been using my own free "Info Magazine" theme for this (see my sig).
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    Thanks Lance!

    Great offer. Makes Page Creation a snap!

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