Any paid for Traffic methods that work ????

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Hi All,

I already drive traffic to my sites via SEO , my list , Forum and article marketing.

I see these adds for packages that will drive traffic to your site. Blast your site all over the web etc.

My Question is :

Is it worth spending money on any programme that drives traffic to your site. If so do any warriors recommend any methods that work. I am looking for techniques beyond the traditional ones that I already do.

Thanks in Advance

Peter Thompson
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    I've your doing seo and articles, then you should have a good idea what keywords/themes are bringing in the sales.. you should also be able to figure out what each visitor to your site using those kw's are worth based on your conversions to sales.. if it were me, i'd be doing ppc. If each visitor is worth $2, then I'd easily be bidding at least $1 for ppc on those keywords.
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      Sure - research your keywords, create several PPC campaigns...and here's the most important thing...track the results.

      You can't guess at this game, you'll go broke trying. Luckily with Conversion tracking within PPC you don't have to guess, just pay attention.

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    I've heard good things about Adbrite. Never used them though.

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      Ezine advertising also works well for a lot of people. I haven't personally tried it though.

      Solomon Huey

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