Aweber OPT-INS down --- AGAIN!

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From support just now, after 2 hrs thinking we had our form code wrong.

Andy Kostrzewski: We are currently experiencing a delay in adding subscribers to your list, and receiving the first message from that list. I can assure you that your leads are indeed being captured,
and will be sent that message, as soon as the lead is visible within your account.
We do apologize for this, and appreciate your patience while our entire
development team works to fully resolve this. Thank you.

If you've got any pages our there that tell the visitor (Go check your email inbox now to confirm), people either think you lied to them, or their waiting for 8 hours now for that message to show up.
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    Aweber down...again.

    I talked to some guy named Andy who was a rude little prick, and he couldn't tell me:
    A. WHEN the service would be back up
    B. If there was any kind of compensation for this kind of bad service.

    The worst part is when I asked him to notify me when they would know he said "too bad".

    I blew $80 in PPC traffic today and aweber didn't even so much as apologize.

    I am seriously considering switching companies or finding a solution like send studio I can use on my own server.

    Honestly its an AUTORESPONDER services...HOW can it be down??!!
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      Can I ask if you guys are still with Aweber's older service? i.e. the lesser price with less analytics/features?

      I had optin delays by 5 days lol. A friend told me he had opted in and I didn't receive notification for yeah 5 days...

      Is this there way of trying to get us to move across to there new service?

      Ultimately I have had NO problems what-so-ever up until the last month or so...

      Nathie J.

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