Can a 52 year old guy learn how to do website design and internet marketing?

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I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing.

Can an old dog learn this stuff?
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    Course you can, nothing to stop you at all. Get some books, get some webspace and getting going on it! If you are looking to get a job in it then get some industry standard qualifications as well as that will help you.
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    Originally Posted by whitlock View Post

    I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing.

    Can an old dog learn this stuff?
    Believe me you can become an Expert in an Hour at the age of 52. You don't need to take weeks or even days to become an expert. This knowledge can be effectively gained in a few hours -- an hour even. I have been doing it for years.
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    I think that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

    Web design and internet marketing are two different skills that you can learn. I would recommend that you start with learning the techniques that will make you money online. Probably the best starting point is to master affiliate marketing. This where you refer people to a seller's website. If they buy a product or service, then you receive a commission. You do not have the hassle of taking payments or sending out orders. You simply refer people to the sellers site. If you do this well you can make a hat full or cash.
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    Originally Posted by whitlock View Post

    I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing.

    Can an old dog learn this stuff?
    I think, we should never stop learning. Age doesn't matter.

    Actually, we should be able to learn faster and easier when we get older. That's because when we get older we have a lot more experience in learning so we don't waste time. We know what we want to learn and why we want to learn it.

    One of the reasons why we hesitate to take on a learning project when we get older is because we think it will take a long time and it will be difficult.

    The reality is that today you can learn anything 10 times faster than 25 years ago. All the resources you need are at your fingertips. The internet is your friend.

    I suggest, you start learning today and never stop. BTW: you can learn web design in about 30 days. It's very simple.
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    Well for sure you can became but i advise you to be more focused in IM you must be good at something if you learn 10 things its not good .Also the trick in IM its traffic and no necesarly web design of course if you dont want to be a freelancer ..If you master trafic you can have a ugly site and you will make a lot of money ,But if you are an excelent site but no trafic guess what ? no money
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    Web design is easier now then ever with software like WordPress. And anything you want to learn how to do can easily be found step by step on YouTube.

    Trust me, there are a lot of technical things related to internet marketing that I have had to check out. None of us come out of the womb knowing this stuff.

    Back in the day, you had to get out Notepad and do the HTML yourself. It could take hours sometimes just to get the exact look you wanted.

    Granted, some people are just more tech savvy than others but it doesn't mean you can't learn.

    My Dad is in his 70's and has a tablet, downloads apps, tracks my flights whenever I fly, got his ham radio license, has his own MacBook, Nintendo Wii etc.

    A lot of the time he actually shows me a thing or two about technology.
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    Originally Posted by whitlock View Post

    I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing.

    Can an old dog learn this stuff?
    Old dog ? 52 ??
    WTH are you talking about lol

    Most CEOs are usually in their early to mid 60s when they reach their peak.

    I know of a very successful Warrior named Warren who started IM when he was 72 and he is still loving every minute of it.

    It's just a number by gosh

    - Robert Andrew
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    You can definitely become an expert. I don't think age is a factor anymore for anyone Expertise in web design is not required anymore today as there are so so many tools on the market right now that can automate this for you depending on what kind of site you require. All drag and drop!! What you need to become an expert without a doubt is how to market and sell online. The best way to learn I reckon is to find a mentor or coach who has a great training program and offers an affiliate program as well. That way you can learn and earn. Having a coach also gives you guidance and puts some structure to your learning process. They teach you what they do. I wish I had known this little fact before I plunged my savings into an e-commerce platform right after quitting my IT job. Now, I was a network engineer who sat in a cubicle all day, so what did I know about marketing? wasn't funny what happened at that point to me.

    The other rules for success online are the same as any other business. Have a great quality product or service, understand the business model, know who your ideal customer is, create an avatar of this customer, know how to find them online, know exactly how your product or service fixes their problem & the for the most important bit.....know how the money flows in and out of your business. Many people want to make money online overnight without investing time or money. A real sustainable business will need your time or money and from my own experience, it's both. I hope that spew helps
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    Absolutely. I am 46, and have been doing technology work for 20 years, and I still haven't stopped learning yet. There's no "quick method" but if you are willing to put in the research and learning time, you can become a master, no problem.

    On the web design side, Wordpress is about as easy and automated as it gets. You can even get started for $0 by enabling web services on your PC and building your first site locally using Wordpress. Once you have it figured out (the features and GUI), you can move to a paid host for a few bucks per month. Think of the project as a sandbox to work in before you go Pro.

    Mastering search should be your first step (if you haven't already). Learning how to search with Google (or Bing, or whatever) will go a long way, especially since you'll need to use it yourself anytime you have an issue or question and need to find an answer (like you did, right here, today). Once you have search mastered, you'll also develop a good understanding for how users use search, which will benefit your understanding of IM significantly in the long run.

    Good luck and all the best.
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    Nothing to hold you back but I'd change the terminology a bit.

    Rather than a goal to be an "expert" - I'd set the goal to be "profitable" in IM.
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    Absoluty sir you can. me maybe young. But, can't speak or write English fluently and i still can manage to make money online worldwide. For me, to become success we can't give any excuses. As long as we eager to learn, there is always have solution.
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    The problem is that you had to ask the question at all.

    Of course you can learn this stuff at 52. Unless you have some kind of learning disability, you can learn anything at any time.

    Don't let anybody fool you into thinking this stuff is rocket science. It isn't.

    Read. Apply. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.
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    Can a 52 year old guy learn how to do this stuff?


    A more important question is, can you do it?

    Since you went to school before the schools became glorified daycare centers, the answer is probably yes.

    But, as Kay pointed out, you don't need to be an "expert" to be successful.

    Website design?

    Unless you're planning to teach design, simple competence is enough.

    "Internet marketing?"

    Pretty wide open field, but again, simple competence in the methods or business models you choose to pursue is enough.

    Heck, in my neck of the woods, 52 makes you one of the kids, not an old dog...
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    Why would you not be able to?

    So long as your literate and know the basics of how to use the internet (how to use email, perform searches, etc.) you should be perfectly fine.

    I personally think it's great that you want to learn something completely new. And you're definitely not too old. If you were you were over the age of 70, maybe. I think with your life experience you will probably be great at this :-)
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    Originally Posted by whitlock View Post

    I want to become an expert on web design and internet marketing.

    Can an old dog learn this stuff?
    Of course.
    As long as you put in the time and effort, I don't see why not.

    Just remember this picture..
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    I love these types of posts, it isn't "Can I" it is more the case "Do You Want To" that is more then likely nagging at your right now.

    Because deep down you know you can learn anything, given time and patience, anyone can learn anything. But it is our desire to push our selves and change our mindset from the daily jobs we normally do to breaking it up into learning periods, putting what we learn into action.

    Also don't get caught up with just learning new things, set your self small goals every day and take action.
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    Webster wrote the dictionary in his 70's.

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